XF2 Code that will display the last date (MM/DD/YY) that a user logged in....


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Hi all! I have done some searches and cannot find any related posts, so I thought I'd ask here. I am using the code someone was kind enough to post to allow for an online and offline "button" to appear in the forum messages. Rather than show just "Offline" I wanted to attempt to show a last logged in date... the code that the user provided was:

<div class="offlineOFF">Offline</span></div>

I assume that where it says Offline I could simply say Last Seen and a little code before </span> that may show the date?

I am totally new to any type of coding so please bare with me... I am trying to figure things out and research prior to asking questions.... so far the above has me stumped as does removing the little red arrow in the upper left corner of the avatar - I do not want to turn it off in ACP... I'd rather just modify the CSS somewhere to have it now appear since it is really not necessary with the Online button.

Any help is truly appreciated.

Thank you!
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