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we are very interested in your project.

I hope you respect our professional approach, we are currently working on a custom solution using Laravel & we are very very happy with their framework, however, our colleges have found this project and a request to review has started. Please ensure to go through our questions, we would really appreciate valid answers on them as they will govern our decision in terms of purchase.

Also we think this might be useful for yourselves to compile and use it somewhere so people can find it and review.

  1. Can this software run under PHP 7.1?
  2. Is this software using composer?
    1. If so, does the framework autoloader uses composer or it has its personal autoloader?
  3. Is the MySQL table schema pre-configurable for use under utf8_general_ci or will that generate issues?
  4. Is the software supporting timezone based content i/o
  5. Should I need to customize the software by adding/modifying existing modules, is there a autoload system in place that would allow us to override the core elements with classes that would re-connect system by extending core elements?
    To reiterate, scenario - if a core class is "System/Request.php" and we would want to add another method to this class, we could make a file "App/Request.php" that extends the "System/Request.php". question - can this be done within the current environment or there would be a need to alter the auto loader or edit the core files directly?
  6. Any issues on record running under a nginx+php-fpm environment that we should be aware of?
  7. We assume that for optimisation you might be using a cache that handles file or database storage, if so, does such cache module support Redis/Memcache or other types of external endpoints?
  8. Is there an API reference or PHP Docs for this software?
  9. We understand & fully agree regards the license, if the removal not purchased the labels should not be removed, so we agree. Having said that, does this software contain any code that is:
    1. Communicating with your services (i.e. any external connections that our personal project is not intended to perform)
    2. Encoded (not readable) source code
  10. When not in a cached environment
    1. What is the count of files needed for the framework to reach the intended controller?
    2. What is the average timing for the framework to load to reach its router?
    3. What is the timing for the framework to load from the router until the point of the chosen controller?
    4. What are the average numbers for a typical request, for example, Board Index? In terms of CPU, Memory?
Thank you for your time & we will be waiting for your answers.
Have a great Friday!

Team Positivus
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1: Yes
2: Yes
2.1: In a way, both.
3: Yes, no issue.
4: Yes, dates of eg. posts are displayed in the users timezone
5: Yes, it can be done
6: None that I know of (at least with proper configuration, which should be self-evidently)
7: Yes
8: Sadly not really. There are some guides, and it's not hard to get into it, but PHPdoc comment blocks for every method isn't something you'll find.
9: While I'm no employee, I'm not aware of any automatic license check and/or obfuscated code. (But note there is a way humans can check / report suspicious sites. Just don't run it without paying.)
10: Hm ... many of these values depends on your server and settings very much. And the file count depends at least on the actual request and addons. I don't think anyone can answer this
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Regards point 4 - The input and output in relation to the timezone of the user.
User A - Timezone GMT 0 inserts row
User B - Views row in GMT +4
vice versa

Regards 10, I agree, however some real life examples would be nice, if possible. I would not say that the point 10.1 is based on the server though.

I suppose that this project was made by a bunch of cool developers sit together and make an awesome product, makes sense in terms of PHP-doc blocks, what about the code style, does it differ or they have kept it consistent across the board?