1. Davey-UK

    Fixed Notices Fade In Time

    After setting up floating notices, the "Delay duration (milliseconds)" doesn't seem to work. I have tried on both firefox and Edge and both show the notice instantly when the page is loaded. I have it set to 10000, which is 10 seconds (I think). Any ideas? This is the same on the default style...
  2. Matt C.

    XF 2.0 How does notices leave out notices that are dismissed by the user

    I am wondering how the notice list leaves out notices that are dismissed by the user. I looked in notice repository and some other places, but can't find it. Any help would be great. Thank you.
  3. Mete Turan

    XF 2.0 Notices

    Do I have the ability to show notices only at home?
  4. ActorMike

    Use of Notices

    The notices feature is really useful for "hand holding" Example, prompting logged out users to login or sign up, create a photo gallery or buy a membership. If you are not using this feature, I strongly recommend it, it has increase our user engagement drastically! What notices do you use on...
  5. Alpha1

    Negative Page Criteria for notices

    it would be very useful to not show notices if certain criteria are met. For example: - don't show notice on registration page. (don't show notice if template_X is active) This would allow us to hide notices that are not useful for specific pages. Its important because if you have multiple...
  6. ActorMike

    Lack of interest Notices criteria- IS NOT associated w/ Google/Facebook/Twitter

    It would be helpful to have the option to show a notice if the user's forum account is not associated with their Google/Facebook/Twitter account so you can post a notice to them and link to the /account/external-accounts and prompt them to do so.
  7. beanfan78

    XF 1.5 Is There a Way to Preview Notices?

    I am trying to make better use of the notices and they are decent, but I can't seem to preview the notices I create. I want to see the look of it, hyperlinks and what not so I know it looks good before the members see it. I have searched and it doesn't seem that this has been talked about. So if...
  8. optrex

    Fixed Notices within media gallery category

    Hello, I would like to add a notice when viewing any media within a given media gallery category. I have ticked Page is Within Gallery Categories: and selected the one I want. I can see the notice within the category page, but as soon as I view some media within that category it disappears...
  9. mmcguire

    XF 1.5 Manually update notices in the database

    I want to use the Notices System to alert my users of issues automatically. My forum is for a small town and we have a creek that floods often. I have written a script to automatically pull the creek level. I have an alert that I want to have either active or inactive. When I manually change...
  10. Neutral Singh

    Add-on Notices dismissable after a specified time.

    Notices dismissable after a specified time like 15 days or so. Thanks
  11. MySiteGuy

    XF 1.5 Move floating notices to left

    Currently, if I select floating as the type for a notice, it floats to the bottom right. I need it to float to the bottom left. I've gone through the style properties and change figure out where this is, it doesn't appear to be in the notices style properties. If there's somewhere I can...
  12. Nobitakung

    XF 1.5 Time interval between notice slides

    When there are more than one notice it will display as a slide which I like this idea very much, it look great. But I wonder if it possible to set the time interval between each slide?
  13. electrogypsy

    XF 1.5 notices will not display linked text

    Hey everyone, I'm having a slight problem with the notices on my board. They seem to work fine for the most part, but when I try to link text to a thread that whole portion of the notice disappears entirely. Here's what I have in the text field of my notice in the ACP: Welcome to Squat the...
  14. eva2000

    XF 1.4 Forum notices page criteria more than one template ?

    With forum notice's page criteria, is there a way to set it to more than one template to show up on ? If I want to setup a forum notice to show up on these 3 templates ? conversation_list conversation_view conversation_reply
  15. yavuz

    Lack of interest Disable Notices on Certain Pages

    I'm playing with the notices around a bit, using 1.5.0, loving the floating notices. I set up a "Please Register" notice which shows up on every page, for every visitor, until the visitor register to the site. It's not too much trouble on a desktop computer but when viewing on a mobile device...
  16. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Notices - make them movable?

    Hi all I like the new notices that are floating. Is there a way to make them movable on the screen? I know it's my first instinct when I see it, to try and move it on the screen to where I can read it better. It would be useful if there a way to make the notices movable by dragging it on the...
  17. Rob

    Unmaintained Stylish Notices 1.1

    REQUIRES XENFORO 1.5 BETA 2 This add-on allows you to set a custom css class on BLOCK notices. Once installed, you'll notice an additional "Notice Class" field, when adding or editing a block level notice. I've included one style, "stripes".... if you give any block notice the "notice class"...
  18. Rob

    Lack of interest End Prejudice :: Allow custom class for "block" notices too!

    We are able to set a custom class on "floating" notices (subject to bugfix), but I'd like to set a custom class on "block" notices.
  19. Rob

    Fixed Custom class missing on floating notices

    If you set up a floating notice, with a custom class name then the class is just added as "custom" on the front end and not the actual class name. Tested on beta2
  20. Rob

    Lack of interest Change position of CodeEvent inside XenForo_ViewRenderer_HtmlPublic -> _getNoticesContainerParams

    Inside XenForo_ViewRenderer_HtmlPublic, within the _getNoticesContainerParams function, could the XenForo_CodeEvent::fire('notices_prepare') be moved to the end? In this way, developers can add fields to notices without extending such a large class/function.