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Negative Page Criteria for notices


Well-known member
it would be very useful to not show notices if certain criteria are met. For example:
- don't show notice on registration page. (don't show notice if template_X is active)

This would allow us to hide notices that are not useful for specific pages.
Its important because if you have multiple notices rotating, this will make it less likely that members read the notice that is relevant to the page.


Well-known member
The number of notices we have are really racking up. Having too many notices means that people do not read them anymore which defeats the purpose.
It would help a lot to have negative criteria. i.e.
  • Page is not Within Nodes x,y,z
  • Selected Navigation Tab is not
  • Controller and Action is not
  • Content Template is not
  • etc
This would allow us to display only relevant notices and hide other notices. It gives much more control.