Lack of interest More versatile notice position criteria - not necessarily mutually exclusive options

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Mr Lucky

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It seems that in order for a notice to show, all criteria must be met.

For example I want anotice to show in specific forums as well as New posts. So I choose those forums from the dropdown. But as I also want it to be shown on the New posts template I add whats_new_posts to the content template field

In this case the notice doesn't show. I am presuming (I may be wrong) the only way to achieve something like this is to create a duplicate notice and choose criteria for each. This is a very clunky workaround to solve the problem.

There does seem to be an inconsistent within the software in that in other cases of criteria being chosen, you have x or y as criteria as opposed to x and y. For example search users has this by default:

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 10.25.28.webp

They cannot be both!

So maybe there is a wider context to this suggestion that the system should make it very clear which kind of logic is involved in the selection of criteria.
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