Fixed Notices within media gallery category


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I would like to add a notice when viewing any media within a given media gallery category.
I have ticked Page is Within Gallery Categories: and selected the one I want.
I can see the notice within the category page, but as soon as I view some media within that category it disappears. How best to resolve this please?


Chris D

XenForo developer
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That, I'm fairly sure, should work.

If it doesn't then we should be able to get it to work so I'll move to bugs.

Chris D

XenForo developer
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In the process of looking into whether this was a bug, or not, I saw the problem and fixed it heh.

It's quite simple if you're keen to implement it now.

In library/XenGallery/ControllerPublic/Media.php find:
'commentIgnoredNames' => $commentIgnoredNames,
Directly above that, add:
'category' => $media,
Failing that, this is fixed for the next release, thanks for reporting :)