1. zoldos

    No matter what folder ffmpeg is in, I keep getting open_basedir error!!

    I don't need to convert any videos, I just want thumbnails and posters for mp4 uploads. I'm using PHP 8.2.13, Ubuntu 20.04, Apache, and Plesk Web Pro 18. I've tried putting the ffmpeg binary (I'm to understand that's all I need for thumbnails) in many different folders. Some within the...
  2. Yodrak

    Unmaintained Media Video Options 1.0.1

    With Media Video Options you can use the power of ffmpeg for transcode videos. An extra row in ACP -> Options -> XenForo Media Gallery give ffmpeg some additional video parameters. The default parameter in this addon scale all videos to 720p. But you can use many other parameters like...
  3. developr

    Modify ffmpeg for video transcoding

    Hi there, is it possible to modify the ffmpeg settings to reduce the filesize of videos? For example bitrate, fps and resolution.
  4. The Grand Potentate

    Is There Shared Hosting That Runs FFMPEG?

    Since we finally installed the media gallery I've been looking into FFMPEG and none of the hosting providers seem to deal with this. Do you need your own dedicated server setup to have this installed?
  5. Chris D

    Potential FFmpeg security vulnerability

    It recently came to our attention that there is a potential vulnerability in FFmpeg which has the potential to be exploited via XenForo Media Gallery if you have FFmpeg features enabled (or are using any other code that uses FFmpeg). The issue is exploitable by using a specially constructed...
  6. Bugfix

    Lack of interest Transcode uploaded videos on a second server

    Hello! We are running a very big XF-Installation and want to enable Video Uploading soon. Due to our use case we expect a very high usage of uploading (and the necessity of transcoding) and we want to run the transcoding on a second server to not affect our main web & db-server. I already saw...
  7. Liam W

    Fixed FFMPEG Issues

    So, I've installed ffmpeg using centminmod system, and setup the option, however it keeps on telling me it can't be run... Running it manually, I get output: [root@torture Helper]# /usr/bin/ffmpeg -encoders FFmpeg version 0.6.5, Copyright (c) 2000-2010 the FFmpeg developers built on Jan...
  8. Puntocom

    Could not execute FFMPEG inside chrooted nginx

    Hello. I have successfully upgraded to XenForo & XenForo Media Gallery RC2. All works fine except ffmpeg extras. Nginx runs chrooted at /var/www. I have installed ffmpeg and I copied /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg to /var/www/bin/ffmpeg, but I get this error when I specify the ffmpeg path at Video...
  9. Carla Birch

    How to FFmpeg install on centos6 for XMG use?

    Hi, I have been trying to get ffmpeg installed on my centos6/plesk12 server to work with XMG but i can not seem to get it to work. Its installed and the paths are right but when i try to upload a video it needs to convert it errors out. Dont have the error to hand as on my phone but it was...
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