Lack of interest Transcode uploaded videos on a second server

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We are running a very big XF-Installation and want to enable Video Uploading soon.
Due to our use case we expect a very high usage of uploading (and the necessity of transcoding) and we want to run the transcoding on a second server to not affect our main web & db-server.

I already saw the table "xengallery_transcode_queue", the Entries in the Deferred-System (XenGallery_Deferred_TranscodeQueue), the XenGallery_Helper_Video and the CLI-File "video-transcode.php".

I now want to run the XenGallery_Deferred_TranscodeQueue->execute on a remote server.
My questions:
  • How can I disable the processing of the queue on the main server (disabling options[xengalleryVideoTranscoding][transcode] seems not to be the right way because then the queue isn't filled)
  • Do I need a whole XF installation on the second server to be able to run the TranscodeQueue (and save file after transcoding, send allerting, ...) or should I rebuild the logic of the XenGallery_Deferred_TranscodeQueue to be able to run standalone on a server? What would be the better way?
  • Is this planned in future releases and should I wait for this?
Any suggestions on the best approach to do this?
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Chris D

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Realistically we're somewhat limited in how much we can support this. The system certainly isn't designed with this use case in mind and this is the first time it has been suggested (though posting in the Suggestions forum would be best) so it's not really on our radar at the moment for the future.


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So my question is:

It's not possible at the moment to use 3 servers to:

1 Server for the xenforo script & database?
1 Server to Transcode the videos?
1 Server to save all the video files for playback?

So, The media gallery is not capable of doing this? Because its fairly new right?

It would require custom development right?

With custom development it's possible right?


you said it's not on the radar, at the moment,

but it is possible? the only limit i can think about is money, but does php/media gallery have a limit, even with custom development ?

I'm talking about a big media gallery, 2 gig videos, thousands of videos
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Chris D

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I wouldn't necessarily blame the fact that it's fairly new.

I'd say that you're venturing into an area which is the niche of the niche, if that makes sense. Out of all our customers, not everyone needs a gallery, out of those customers not everyone needs the ability to upload videos, and out of those customers not everyone needs to have an advanced infrastructure like that.

That doesn't mean to say we won't ever, but at the moment I don't think it's realistic for the core of the Gallery. I'll move this thread to the Suggestions forum for now.


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I understand. One of my forum depends on the media gallery and the other doesn't even have or need the media gallery.

I have an idea that came to my head that involves the media gallery but needs lots of space and power. Hoepfully i will be able to get this custom made next year since i'll be the only one needing it. I think its a good niche.

From what i read here, it's possible, Just need money, and a skilled developer, i'll have to get a second job on the weekends so i can accomplish this.

Thanks , Good luck to me,
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