1. JoshyPHP

    s9e Media Sites

    JoshyPHP submitted a new resource: s9e Media Sites - Comprehensive collection of responsive media sites Read more about this resource...
  2. JoshyPHP

    s9e Media Sites 2.6.34

    This add-on will: Add a carefully curated collection of the most useful and most requested media sites. A list of supported URLs can be found on this page. Improve the performance and efficiency of the default media sites. Pages will load as fast whether there are no videos or 100 videos...
  3. BassMan

    [cXF] Facebook Page Widget 1.1.1

    FEATURES add Facebook Page plugin to a widget (best in sidebar position, but you can choose any you want) adjust plugin language add any Facebook Page URL add tabs like timeline, events, messages use small header in plugin hide cover in plugin show facepile in plugin hide call-to-action button...
  4. shabbirbhimani

    Unmaintained Facebook’s Open Graph Image or og:image For Forums and Threads 1.0.0

    XenForo’s open graph image is sitewide and you can’t specify different images to different forums and threads. It becomes boring on social media where images are a major part of making content go viral. Thanks to @vlom31 of HackerDeCroissance for sharing the idea, paying me to develop it and...
  5. loonetik

    Add-on Facebook Page/Group

    Are there any addons that would post threads, posts, status updates to a Facebook page or group? Similar to how the [8WR] Discord Integration works with Discord.
  6. eva2000

    Not planned Smart Facebook like button - faster load times

    Not sure if this can be used by Xenforo but the benchmark numbers are impressive https://github.com/flenczewski/SmartLikeIt :)
  7. jauburn

    Auto-publish to facebook page

    Is there a way (or plugin) to auto-publish a thread in a certain forum to a Facebook page?
  8. J

    XF 1.5 Q&A Captcha For Social Accounts Signup ?

    I am trying to have Q&A Captcha displayed during the sign up page for users who opt to sign up using their Twitter | FB accounts. Basically, I am using Captcha not only to stop SPAM, but also to validate certain level of knowledge required by any user before being able to sign up. Hence, I am...
  9. leemy

    XF 1.5 Facebook signup - real name as username

    Hi, I am setting up FB Connect for registration. When a username approves the FB application, the next page shows their e-mail (and profile pic, etc) are brought in, but the username field is blank. I've searched some previous threads where there is conflicting information: real name is passed...
  10. Kintaro

    Lack of interest Add image and description to "Link title conversion" feature

    how about adding the possibility to choose an image and meta-description from the pasted link? And IMHO this infos need to be fetched live as happen on FB, Whatsapp, Telegram and not after the push of a button. This is a standard behavior on many community platform.
  11. Welder

    We Can't Be Friends!!!

    Okay, so today I go to add a friend to my Facebook account and as soon as I make the request, Facebook tells me that I have reached my 5000 friend limit. What?! :mad: Anyways, this is crazy. :confused: Why would Facebook limit how many friends you have? I checked it out on the internet and...
  12. Jawaad

    XF 1.5 How to add new URL variable template for http and https

    I have running my forum with http protocol. After I change the url to https protocol, the problem is share facebook count, it doesn't count from http. The suggestion from facebook is using old url. So, how can I change the url share facebook from https to http? I want to edit template...
  13. Murat Üresin

    XF 1.5 An issue about Facebook integration

    Greetings. I'm currently having an issue about FB integration into my forum. Problem is; When a user try to using FB to login / signup to my forum they got this error: To associate with an existing account, you must first log into that account and then start the association via the external...
  14. vlom31

    XF 1.5 FB Pixel - A page after login

    Hi everyone, I'm having an issue with FB pixel on my xenforo, basically I don't see how I could differentiate guests from members... as I want to run campaigns that target only guests that visit but don't register or login. How do you do that ? Is there a way to put a page just after user logs...
  15. X

    Plugin for Assigning og:image

    Does anyone know of a plugin that will automatically take the first image in a thread or an attached image and assign it as the og:image? Thank you!
  16. X

    XF 1.1 Which Xenforo Versions Will Support New Facebook APIs?

    We received a message from Facebook that our site "login has been making recent API calls to Graph API v2.0, which will reach the end of the 2-year deprecation window on Monday, August 8, 2016. Please migrate all calls to v2.1 or higher in order to avoid potential broken experiences." I know...
  17. NamePros

    XF 1.5 What version of Facebook's Graph API is XF 1.5.8 using?

    Could you share your timeline for upgrading Graph API versions? Deprecation timeline: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/apps/changelog Thanks.
  18. thumped

    XF 1.5 Disabling facebook's sdk.js for logged in users

    In a situation where facebook registration and login is allowed, Facebook's sdk,js needs to be loaded so that unregistered / logged out users can register and log in using their facebook credentials. But is there any reason why the Facebook sdk.js call can't then be disabled once the user is...
  19. M

    Add-on Facebook Full integration

    At the moment i am struggling converting facebook users to use our forum, To help with this im looking for an addon to provide the following: 1) Automatically share posts to Facebook group (link forum section to specific group etc) 2) Create a new thread in Xenforo for Group posts, and any...
  20. N

    XF 1.5 Facebook Fails to Draw Images from Xenforo Posts

    I post blogs and resources to Facebook. It's a very important medium for me to build traffic to the Forums When I post something from the Forums though, it doesn't provide an image from the post such as Wordpress infallibly does. Instead it again and again posts a Xenforo logo. I remove which...