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Okay, so today I go to add a friend to my Facebook account and as soon as I make the request, Facebook tells me that I have reached my 5000 friend limit. What?! :mad:

Anyways, this is crazy. :confused: Why would Facebook limit how many friends you have? I checked it out on the internet and apparently they do this to limit their server resources per user. Okay, I understand that, but there has to been another way for them to reallocate the resources to accommodate this need.

Now you might be asking.... who in the heck needs 5000+ friends? :cool: We'll my simple answer is this... Me and all the other people in the world that have business's to run or may be very popular people.

Now, after digging a little further.. it is recommended that I start a personal page and my 5000 friends would then become followers on that page and then anyone interested in becoming my friend, could just be followers with no limit on that personal page. Okay... fine. But, it's so much more fun to have the friends, then it is to have followers.

With friends, you can see what everyone's doing and how their life is going. With just having followers on your "page", there is no way to check out how your followers are doing because there is no "Followers" button.

Anyways, I think the whole limiting friends thing on Facebook just sucks. :(

However the good news is that anyone can be my friend on My Site. There is no fiend limit on my site. If you want 100,000,000,000+, have add it. The more the merrier. Personal, business, what have you. In addition, you can follow and be followed on my page. The sky is the limit!

Anyways, just a little rant about something that should never be.... especially with the kind of resources that Facebook has. If I was so lucky to have the amount of users that Facebook has, I would invest heavily on the features that means the most to my users.... and I'm not the only one that is very disappointed with Facebooks decision to limit friends to 5000.

Don't even get me started on my 56K Twitter Followers.

Anyways, have a great day... just don't try to be my friend on Facebook. haha :LOL:


You're trying to use facebook for business purposes. That means getting a page and paying so people see your posts :-(

Yes, your right and it's working. I do however have the "Facebook Page", but it's just not the same.... you can't have friends, only followers. In business you have to have friends, not just followers. You should be able to have friends both personally and professionally.

Anyways, off to work on the "Facebook Page" o_O.


wait you got 5,000 do you even talk to all of them do you even know them in real life ?

Yep, of course I do.... No of course not, but it's good for promotion and allowing others to easily contact you if they so choose to.

In my opinion... you have to work all the angles and try all your outlets. It's a tough world out there and no ones coming to you. If you want a strong community, you're going to have to work at it. The more angles the better.


Exactly! I would figure the more social connections the better. Better for Facebook and better for the user experience. I totally disagree with Facebook's policy in this regard and thus, there is no friend limit on my site's "Friends" feature.


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and thus, there is no friend limit on my site's "Friends" feature
If you are referring to XF followers, there is indeed a hard coded limit, for the same reason FB impose one I suspect - code execution performance.


If you are referring to XF followers, there is indeed a hard coded limit, for the same reason FB impose one I suspect - code execution performance.

No, I am not talking about XF Followers. I am talking about my "Friends" feature. My "Friends" feature has been custom coded.
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Brogan, what is the limit for XF Followers? Maybe I can have that worked out too. I do not want limits. I will pay for the resources, to have all features unlimited for my members.