XF 2.2 New thread title beginning with a number can't be opened after saving


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Xenforo version 2.2.8
PHP 8.0.11
Elasticsearch / Enhanced search not yet installed on this server.

On one forum/server, if member starts a new thread where the thread title begins with a number (e.g., year), the thread is created and can be saved. However, subsequent attempts to access the new thread just loads the Xenforo "Oops!" 404 error page.

This title cannot be "found" after creating the new thread: "2017 Cutlass SSS - what does this control do?" (but it works on other forums/servers.)

Using this title instead works normally: "What does this control do on the 2017 Cutlass SSS?"

There are no errors displayed in the ACP.

Any ideas on what is causing this and how it can be fixed?
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