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  1. ⭐ Alex ⭐

    Implemented Preference to stop all content notification emails

    I wish there was some check box in preferences where you can make it not send any content notification emails ever. (Only system emails like password changed etc.) ..Because my preferences look like this: Yet Im getting notifications on some content, maybe some content I have watched from a...
  2. JFPouncey

    XF 2.1 Not getting email notifications? + Contact Us issue

    Hey everyone! Question1: I've posted on and am not getting emails when someone responds to my thread. Even though my settings default this: I want new users to get email notifications to bring them back to the site, and it its happening to me then its probably happening to them...
  3. creativeforge

    How many notifications are emailed monthly?

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is a way to identify how many notifications were emailed last month to the whole of our membership, including both a monthly newsletter, AND automatic notifications for threads watched, registrations, conversations, etc. Looking into using MailGun but with 16...
  4. Alpha1

    One place for all watched content (and 1 click unsubscribe)

    If a member wants to see what content they have subscribed to, there are a lot of pages to visit. Especially if the site runs all XF addons and various other major addons. This is confusing for members. Which results in members not finding what they need to unsubscribe from email notifications...
  5. Mr Lucky

    All alerts should have email notification options

    Users should be able to choose whether to also get email notifications for all types of alert, e.g. when they are mentioned in a post, or get likes.
  6. J

    XF 1.5 Post migration difference in amount of emails sent

    Hello, We recently migrated our vbulletin 3.8 site to XF 1.5 (approximately 5 million posts). The migration went very well and the users are pretty happy. We are overall very satisfied with XF so far. My question is related to the outgoing emails sent by XF vs vB. On both our old platform...
  7. erich37

    Remind Users to Return

    Remind Users to Return Suggestion: Add "and receive email notifications" to Alert Preferences. Why ? Habits don’t form overnight. It takes several days, often weeks for a product or service to earn unprompted user engagement, triggered by people’s day-to-day emotions. Consider your use of...
  8. D

    Other A way to block email notifications

    I would like a plugin that just completely stops email notifications for a new reply to a thread. I know there is an option for it, but I would like something that will just disable it for them. Since no one on my forum likes it. Someone screenshotted their email and it's just the entire page...
  9. jauburn

    Best day and time to send email newsletters?

    For those of you who have experimented with various days and times to send email newsletters, what have you found works the best? I know the answer to this can be partially or wholly dependent upon your particular audience, but still I think it would be interesting to hear the experience of...
  10. adwade

    XF 1.5 Stopping outgoing notices, on a test board

    I successfully performed an initial IMPORT from vB3 to XF last night and it went off without a hitch. Kudos to whomever built that import process. (y) However, I got to thinking about what all the new/test board can do and I suppose if I reply to an existing thread that someone was Subscribed...
  11. Alpha1

    Stop pounding group conversation participants with emails. Avoid Spam Blacklisting.

    In response to: It would make sense to check if people are coming back to the conversation or not. Otherwise people will quickly mark it as spam, which if it occurs more often it easily leads to the website getting blacklisted as a spammer. After which emails stop arriving. With the awesome...
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