XF 1.5 Stopping outgoing notices, on a test board


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I successfully performed an initial IMPORT from vB3 to XF last night and it went off without a hitch. Kudos to whomever built that import process. (y)

However, I got to thinking about what all the new/test board can do and I suppose if I reply to an existing thread that someone was Subscribed to in vB (or Watched in XF) that the board would send them a notice of a new reply. :eek:

So how do I insure that doesn't happen? I looked at the CRON jobs, but couldn't tell exactly which one might perform that function.

Along these same lines, while we are testing out this copy of our vB board data WHAT ELSE needs to be turned OFF in order to avoid things like from happening?
I figured that was the intention, but when I searched for $config['enableMail'] the only occurrence of that string found is in the config file and it is there only once. I guess those config values get handle in way that breaks that variable name up, so I am wonder if there on place in xenforo that does all the mailing. The file, libary/XenForo/Mail.php has more than one mail sender. I wondering if that is the only file containing mail senders.

I need to be certain that mail is not going to go out of this system. Are you certain enough that you would not worry in the slightest if the price your company had to pay is a $34M penalty if even one email goes out during a three month window where we need 10.000 people using the forum without email? I really don't want to be saying "I am sorry about your $34M," and there is not a strict rule like that in place but the stakes are high enough that I need to treat matter with not far the level caution that I would apply to a securing a few million dollars and I really do not want this to be something where I am saying I thought I had it covered but sorry. . We have to keep the mail running for the domain using another system. Maybe we should put email on another IP in addition to disabling email on xenforo. I am just thinking out loud here about solutions outside xenforo.
While my test system has no penalty, other than embarrassment if emails were to go out, I can say since I added the line of code
$config['enableMail'] = false;
to my config.php, no emails have ever been sent.
@Dan Allen, library/XenForo/Mail.php

Line 165, 207:
        if (!XenForo_Application::get('config')->enableMail)

As a general tip, just search for the string in between the single quotes since it gets turned into an object somewhere along the way.
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