XF 2.1 Not getting email notifications? + Contact Us issue


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Hey everyone!

I've posted on brainfog.io and am not getting emails when someone responds to my thread. Even though my settings default this:

I want new users to get email notifications to bring them back to the site, and it its happening to me then its probably happening to them too!

Question 2:
I put in a few test inquiries on the "Contact Us" form, and have not received any of them, am I doing something wrong?

Settings screenshot: (This may be the wrong section for receiving contact us form inquiries?)
Default email address should generally match your domain (ie webmaster@brainfog.io or similar) to minimise chances it is marked as spam by email service providers.

How you send emails also matters - it's quite likely they are simply getting blocked.

Have you tried: Tools > Test outbound email to see if that works??
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