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Stop pounding group conversation participants with emails. Avoid Spam Blacklisting.


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Xenforo keeps sending emails every time you are on a conversation, and someone replies, even if, you haven't even open the conversation for the first time.

This is a common complaint even between my users, that someone added them to conversation with several people, and they got their email spammed with notifications.

My question is, is there any way to deal with this? Conversations should send notification to email, but it really should send that much? Isn't it possible like with Threads, it only sends "X User has replied to conversation, there may be more replies after this"?
There isn't anything built in to prevent that. I can understand where you/they are coming from, though the conversations are roughly approximating email, so a notification is sent for each email.
It would make sense to check if people are coming back to the conversation or not. Otherwise people will quickly mark it as spam, which if it occurs more often it easily leads to the website getting blacklisted as a spammer. After which emails stop arriving.
With the awesome addition of bounce functionality in XF its a shame if websites get blacklisted none the less.

So my suggestion is to limit the number of emails that users get by checking if the emails result in users coming back to the content / site.
If emails are not pulling users back to the site then they should not receive a mass of emails.


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Yes indeed. On our website group conversations are usually common and every day i get like 10-30 emails from my website about conversations when i wake up. One of my worries is indeed users possibly marking the emails as Spam to avoid being flooded with them again.

So, thumbs up!


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Yes! If you're running a big board and using CSF you'll have lfd sending out regular LOCALRELAY alerts on default settings because XF will be sending out tons of conversation emails on a regular basis.
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This suggestion still lives? We run Amazon mail servers and the Xenforo spam of daily notifications per conversation reply is costing quite some money by now.

Wondering if anybody has one alternative or suggestions to mitigate this annoyance?