spam blacklisting

  1. karll

    XF 2.1 Accidental spam cleaning and StopForumSpam

    Let's say, hypothetically, that a moderator runs the spam cleaner on someone who isn't a spammer. Let's further assume we've opted to submit spammer info to StopForumSpam. Then the admin comes around later and restores their post, using the option for that in the spam cleaner log. My question...
  2. Alfa1

    Statistics for Email Sent, Bounces & Complaints

    Its important to see if your bounce rate is getting high. Because a high bounce rate means your email can get blocked by email providers or even your own email provider if you have one. Providers like Amazon will ban you if your bounce rate gets too high. Email services like yahoo will greylist...
  3. Alfa1

    One place for all watched content (and 1 click unsubscribe)

    If a member wants to see what content they have subscribed to, there are a lot of pages to visit. Especially if the site runs all XF addons and various other major addons. This is confusing for members. Which results in members not finding what they need to unsubscribe from email notifications...
  4. jauburn

    XF 1.5 Most spam from Pakistan - way to trap?

    Most of the spammers we get are humans, most likely, and they appear to be from Pakistan. IPs typically resolve with this information: ISP: Pakistan Telecommuication company limited Organization: PTCL Continent: Asia State/Region: Punjab City: Faisalabad Latitude: 31.4215 (31° 25′ 17.40″...
  5. Alfa1

    Stop pounding group conversation participants with emails. Avoid Spam Blacklisting.

    In response to: It would make sense to check if people are coming back to the conversation or not. Otherwise people will quickly mark it as spam, which if it occurs more often it easily leads to the website getting blacklisted as a spammer. After which emails stop arriving. With the awesome...
  6. AlexanderBezborodov

    Unmaintained Anti-Spam by CleanTalk 2.6

    MOD checks new registrations and comments on the forum using a series of tests to detect spambots - blacklisted IP, EMAIL address, the presence of JavaScript, form submitting time, etc. We have developed anti-spam for WordPress that would provide maximum protection from spambots and you can...