XF 1.5 Post migration difference in amount of emails sent


We recently migrated our vbulletin 3.8 site to XF 1.5 (approximately 5 million posts). The migration went very well and the users are pretty happy. We are overall very satisfied with XF so far.

My question is related to the outgoing emails sent by XF vs vB. On both our old platform and now on XF, we send emails exclusively through our sendgrid account so we can track them. We were sending between 1100-1500 emails per day before our migration and now we are sending between 800-900 emails per day. I was just wondering if anyone had any insight or similar experiences with a vB>XF migration that could help shed some light on the differences. I was thinking maybe XF handles certain notifications differently than vB that may affect the # sent. Maybe its a better policy but just want to get more information on it for our client.

I did confirm that all subscribed threads were moved over to the new site. Also, subscribed forums were moved over although most of those were not including email notifications. Seems as though most users have "email on conversation" turned on and by default new threads are "watch w/ email".

So overall I think we're in decent shape but if anyone has any other ideas on things to check or knows some subtle differences in how notifications are calculated and handled we'd certainly appreciate any comments. Like I said, very happy overall though. Thanks for a great system!
It could be related to this setting in the email options.


It could also be related to bounced email addresses, if you have set bounce processing up.

It may be related to emails for which there is no equivalent in XF.
Thanks for the quick reply. We turned off that setting you mentioned just incase at migration time and also do not have bounce handling turned on right now. Yea I'm thinking it is just a functional difference but thought I'd ask in case others found certain functionality or differences that contributed to this sort of change.
I don't know how it works in VB, but in XF only 1 email is sent for watched threads until the member reads the thread and/or marks it as read.

Any subsequent posts made after the initial email and without the thread being read, won't generate any new emails.
Yea i think it is similar in vB but I'm not entirely sure. Here's a graph of our emails sent, where the top line shows the # of overall requests. Clear difference is why we're looking into it. That said i'm still exploring if there were any other add-ons or differences we can find. Will update if we find anything. Thanks!


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