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  1. Jaxel

    XF2 [8WR] Discord Integration

    BRANDING REMOVAL can be purchased HERE ($50) This addon integrates your Discord server with your XenForo forums. It allows you to assign roles on your Discord server based on usergroups in XenForo, as well as post messages directly from XenForo to your Discord server. Demo: Basic Features...
  2. Matt C.

    [AH] Discord Widget 1.0.2

    Third Party Libraries This addon makes use of discord-widget from Resting Coder. What does this addon do? This addon lets you add a discord server widget to your forum list sidebar which features channels and online users. There are an extensive amount of options to configure the widget to...
  3. loonetik

    Add-on Facebook Page/Group

    Are there any addons that would post threads, posts, status updates to a Facebook page or group? Similar to how the [8WR] Discord Integration works with Discord.
  4. Thibeault

    Discord [Paid]

    Thibeault submitted a new resource: [XS] Discord - This add-on allows you to follow the activity of your forum through Discord. Read more about this resource...
  5. Thibeault

    Discord 1.2.1

    [XS] Discord is a bridge between the activity on your forum and Discord, you can receive new threads and new posts through a configurable user on your admin panel. So in a few clicks you can set up this add-on and receive the activity of your members on a common channel very easy. :D Features...
  6. Jaxel

    [8WR] Discord Integration [Paid]

    Jaxel submitted a new resource: [8wayRun.Com] Discord Integration - Integrate your Discord Guild with your Users Database Read more about this resource...
  7. Jaxel

    [8WR] Discord Integration 1.0.9

    A branding removal license and instructions on how to remove the brands quick and easily can be purchased HERE for $50. Each branding removal license is good for ONE forum only! If you appreciate the work here, please DONATE. This addon allows users to link their DiscordApp.com account to their...