1. Freelancer

    Duplicate "Deactivate" Users

    There needs to be a way to deactivate users from the ACP, so they can't login and their accounts are useless. This is technically the "banned" state but without the "you have been banned" message. This is needed for retired or suspended accounts because all other "workarounds" do not provide an...
  2. c0ngit

    XF 1.5 How to delete all notifications

    Hi guys! Every time I access the admin area I received this message, even though I have deleted them. Then they show up again, I was very upset. How to remove them from the admin Pls download images the attachment !!
  3. T

    Not a bug White Screen on Admin Control Panel

    I have completed the installation. The board works well. Until I go to the control panel. I only get white screen. I just installed the forums. Could you help me.
  4. Senpai

    XF 1.5 Password Protection with htaccess

    Password Protection with htaccess With .htaccess it is very easy to password protect a folder or directory. The method is calledhtaccess password protection or htaccess authentication, and works by uploading two files called .htaccess and .htpasswd in the directory you want to password protect...
  5. le-melvin

    Add [table] panel admin

    Hello good night Seek to make a table in the admin panel After having another application of my addons does not my vrement replied he told me (It's a bit complicated to explain.) is for its I just make a request How do you make a table in the admin panel (how the photo) sorry for my angel...
  6. Nulumia

    XF 1.5 AdminCP Style options not present like in screenshots

    I hope I'm not overlooking something simple here as that would embarrassing.. I'm very familiar with forum systems but this bug is stumping me. In my new installation it seems I'm missing a bunch of features in AdminCP particularly under Styles: Here's the official screenshot: Here's my...
  7. MetalRush

    XF 1.5 Super_Administrator and Administrator locked out... *brilliant*

    Just tried to install xenForo on our production site. During import of our users, it asked to merge mu user-account and admin account. I made up a new name. Import went well. Forum was up and running... *Yeeeee* Advice by the script: check the (user-)permission. So I did. I also changed the...
  8. Michael A.

    Unmaintained LiteSpeed Cache - Community

    Developed by LiteSpeed Technologies - the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin for XenForo (LSCXF) is a PHP-based plugin that communicates with your installation of LiteSpeed Web Server(LSWS) and its built-in page cache, LSCache. Because LSCache is built directly into LSWS, overhead is significantly reduced...
  9. creativeforge

    XF 1.5 Admin: unregister from new registration notification?

    Hi, I would like to stop receiving email notifications every time someone registers. I have searched and looked but can't find how to. Does someone know where to find instructions on this? Thank you! Andre
  10. Cyb3r

    XF 1.5 How to prevent an admin from editing his admin permissions

    This might be confusing, if I wanted to give an admin full control over users only and I don't want him to see or get involved in anything else on the adminCP, how can I prevent him from editing his access permissions to see/edit other things like styles/forums and such, I know I can check admin...
  11. XFA

    [XFA] Toggle Template Modifications 2.0.0

    Requirements XenForo > 1.4.x Description Toggle Template Modifications allows you to collapse or expand the Template Modifications, who often interminable long! You can Expand all or Collapse all with one click. Install/Uninstall instructions The readme is available HERE.
  12. Enguerran A

    Lack of interest Organize the Admin/Moderator list with preset permissions.

    I would like to be able to create admin groups such as "Admin - Smiley", set permissions for this admin group and see everyone within that group inside a category in the administrator list. There is a lot's things an administrator can do and it could be nice to organize this list a little bit...
  13. Amaury

    Fixed Title Text on Highlighted Active State Hard to See in ACP Search

    Goes hand-in-hand with my other report: Description Text on Active State Hard to See on ACP Search When you first search for something in the ACP, the first item in the list is highlighted. When you click it, right before it changes to the actual active state background color when you release...
  14. Amaury

    Fixed Description Text on Active State Hard to See in ACP Search

    As title. (When clicking.) Don't remember this being an issue before 1.5.0. alertExpiryDays
  15. JordanH

    Unmaintained [PCN] Admin Notes 2.0.1

    WGBB Admin Notes 2.0 Have you ever wanted to leave notes for yourself or for your fellow Admin to fix a user's permissions? Maybe you need a reminder to get rid of that bug in your style or even just to share a humourous joke so you can chuckle your way through the world of the Admin Control...