XF 1.5 AdminCP Style options not present like in screenshots


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I hope I'm not overlooking something simple here as that would embarrassing.. I'm very familiar with forum systems but this bug is stumping me.

In my new installation it seems I'm missing a bunch of features in AdminCP particularly under Styles:

Here's the official screenshot:


Here's my version of this page:


I'm also missing multiple contextual top-right options like this:


Here's official screenshot of Style Property Group:


Here's how mine looks - notice the missing color pickers:


I tried going to /install/ and reimporting Master Data, didn't fix it. Did something go wrong with installation?
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Thanks Perry, overlooked the File Health and there were a few .js files missing.

The color sliders are now there, but I'm still missing this:

And the Create New Group option in the upper right on the main Style Properties page:


Thanks for any help,
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