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Okay, so this is what I've developed for The Geek District and you can see it in use here.

Basically, it turns this:
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(alternative image)
into this:

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(alternative image)

As always, on my XenForo Services website.

I've not really developed this to be released at all, so if you run into any issues, please let me know.


Third Party Stuff
This uses Shadab from's CustomIndex helper, and is also compatible with the DigitalPoint Spy Add-on for those of you who want your homepage to auto-update. Thank you to both of these great add-on authors for making these features possible :)

Things of Note
  1. This adds a new "Home" tab. To make it so that you have only one home tab, it's recommended to blank out the Board URL in the XenForo Options to remove the first tab added by XenForo.
  2. This changes the phrase from "Recent Activity", to "News Feed".
  3. This moves the main forum index to /forum.
  4. This adds an "About XenForo" (board title) to the navbar, linking to /pages/about - I recommend you make a page.
  1. Make the tab name configurable, in order to avoid the two "Home" tabs.
  2. Make the Recent Activity phrase configurable as a setting.
  3. Make the route configurable, so you can choose /community or /bbs or anything you desire.
  4. Make About Page link optional/configurable.
Please Note
  1. I have very little free time. I made this add on for my own site only, and as such I have released this add on as is, I will attempt to support it but please do not expect instant answers
  2. If you like the add on, please consider donating ($anything) or purchasing branding free ($10). If you purchase branding free, please contact me via ticket on my site or via PM here and I'll send you the unbranded add-on.
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