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Unmaintained XFServices.com | Social Sharing Sidebar 1.0.1

Drive traffic to your forum quickly and easily, straight from within threads.

  1. Mikey
    XFServices.com | Social Share Sidebar

    Drive traffic to your forum quickly and easily. This add on adds a sidebar to every thread on your forum with Social Media sharing buttons. Share each thread to every social network quickly and easily after you've made it, driving traffic to your forum.

    Right here. :)


    Please Note
    1. This add-on is straight from my personal collection that I use on my own forum, as such this add on is released "as is". You can see it live on The Geek District on any threads (try this one). Thanks to Luke Harris at The Enigma Community for the initial concept for this Add On!
    2. I have very little free time. I made this add on for my own forum, I will attempt to support it but please do not expect instant answers.
    3. If you like the add on, please consider donating ($anything) or purchasing branding free ($10). If you purchase branding free, please contact me via ticket on my site or via PM here and I'll send you the unbranded add-on.

Recent Reviews

  1. (deleted member)
    Version: 1.0.1
    Thanks for sharing, great little addon to add share block per thread, exactly what I was looking for.