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Unmaintained XFServices.com | Management Nav 1.0.0

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Hi all..

It is with great trepidation that I'm releasing my first public XenForo add on. It's called the Management Nav, and it's something that I developed it for my own site to start with, so excuse any rough edges.

That's great, Mikey, but what does it do?

If you're like me, you always log into the Admin Control Panel and are distracted by something else, be it one of your members chatting to you via IM, or your oven has just pinged and your food is burning. You leave the forum tab open on the admin login page (rightfully so) and go to tend to these distractions.

This add on was something I developed as a taster to get myself familiar with XenForo coding, and also for my own site so that I didn't keep ending up with a admincp tab open every hour.

Please, let me know what you think!

Installation Readme:



v1.0.1 - first private build, thank you trombones13 of voiceradio.us and Floris of xenfans.com for testing
v1.0.2 - bugfixes
v1.0.3 - first public release..
v1.0.4 - fixed issue which could cause potential problems with subdirectories.

Branding free:

As this is an admin-only type of add on, I have elected to remove any copyright display from the add on, however if you do wish to donate if you like the mod, please see my donations page: http://xfservices.com/services/donate/

Enough talk, gimme the files!

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