XenCentral Invitation & Paid Registration System

XenCentral Invitation & Paid Registration System 1.6.0

No permission to buy (€34.99)
Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.2
  2. 1.3
  3. 1.4
  4. 1.5
Additional requirements
XenCentral Framework 1.3.x (available in Client's Area)
Updates duration
1 year included in initial purchase. Extension fee 25.00 EUR/year.
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
XC Invitation & Paid Registration System is a fully-featured add-on allowing to enable free/paid invitations/referral and paid registration on your community. Product provides a solid system of monetizing the community using invitations and paid registration packages, as well as anti-spam measures to fight spam registrations. Invitations and paid registrations are fully configurable. PayPal payments are automated with support of refunds.

With the changes in Facebook API applying to all applications created after April 30th 2014 it is no longer possible to get the list of friends from Facebook. The product will continue operating with applications created before that date, but this may stop working as well. Please check the Documentation f0r further information.

LinkedIn support is removed in version 1.5.0 due to changes in LinkedIn API making it impossible to get LinkedIn connections.

Tapatalk integration is only partially supported for now. If an invitation/paid package is required for registration the users will just an error to register via web interface when trying to register via app.

For questions, suggestions and feedback please do not hesitate to Contact us or visit our Support Forums. Thank you and enjoy!



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Features Overview
  • Product On/Off switcher
  • Two modes built-in - Free Invite System for regular invite-only communities and Paid Registration/Invites System for different types of paid communities
  • Free self-invite mode for simple anti-spam protection (email confirmation before registration)
  • Force registration with valid invitation only.
  • Force registration with invitation email only.
  • Set number if invites users get after product installation/new registration.
  • Option to add invitations button to main navigation. It is also added in user profile popup by default.
  • Option to set number of hours after which unused invitations will be automatically deleted. Disabling this will still allow users to delete their unused invitations.
  • Package-based selling of invitations with options for each package.
  • For paid registration packages, set primary and secondary usergroups for users newly registered after purchasing the package.
  • Setting price and number of invitations purchased. Any currency is supported as long as the payment provider supports it.
  • Allow users to change number if invites they want to purchase. Base count is the one defined for the package, and total price updates appropriately.
  • Limit usergroups who can purchase the package. This is especially useful to have a package for unregistered users with some special price for registration at forums without an invitation for an existing user, and other packages for users to allow them to purchase new invites and invite their friends. Can be used for user activity promotions as well by creating cheaper packages for some special usergroups.
  • Invitation using Email/Facebook/Gmail/Invitation link

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Demo - http://demo.xencentral.com

Support Forums - http://forum.xencentral.com/

Support Desk - http://desk.xencentral.com/

For any question, suggestion, feedback email us at sales [at] xencentral.com

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Latest reviews

Unfortunately, I cannot recommend this product at this time.

When it is working, this is an excellent product. The problem is that they provide no support whatsoever despite the fact they charge for support and updates on a yearly basis.

I reported a bug to them about seven weeks ago about users being able to register using social media logins and completely bypass their product. They acknowledged this error. Despite this they have not responded to any posts in the discussion thread or to the support ticket.

If you look at the other products they have for sale, lack of support seems to be a common theme.
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