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Beta XenCentral Multisite System 2 2.1.0 Beta 13

No permission to buy (€69.99)
Compatible XF 2.x versions
Additional requirements
OpenSSL PHP extension
Updates duration
1 year included in initial purchase. Extension fee 35.00 EUR/year, 140.00 EUR/lifetime.
Visible branding
Yes, but removable with payment
XenCentral Multisite System 2 is a fully-featured multisite solution for XenForo 2 that allows to create unlimited completely customized communities on a single XenForo installation. Product allows to customize almost any aspect of XenForo for unlimited domains and subdomains. Multisite System makes it possible to create a network of communities where each site looks unique and behaves in its own way while still having the same administration, users, add-ons etc. (similar to concept of vB Cerberus for vBulletin). Addition of new sites and their customization are fully managed from administration (see below).

Important: Please make sure you read the XenForo License Agreement and any other add-on license agreements carefully and ensure you have the appropriate number of licenses to use this add-on. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact XenForo or the respective add-on developer.

Product is brought to you by XenCentral
Powered by DNF Technology

Features Overview
  • Product on/off.
  • Sites enable/disable.
  • Basic options setup for each site - site title, URL, description. URL is used to detect active site.
  • Cross-site login. Even if boards are running under completely different domains and do not share cookies, it is possible to synchronize login/logout between all configured sites/domains. This feature requires OpenSSL PHP extension to be installed.
  • Available nodes setup for each site. Nodes and their threads not available under particular site will be 301-redirected to correct domain.
  • Default style setup for the site, and option to force it (so the site can not be used with any other style).
  • Default language setup for the site, and option to force it (so the site can not be used with any other language).
  • Registration secondary user groups setup.
  • Site-specific statistics.
  • Site-specific search.
  • NEW! Site-specific sitemap for nodes, threads, tags, resources, medias, albums.
  • Site-specific news feed.
  • Site-specific new/recent posts.
  • Site name in search results. If enabled, and if search results contain threads not available under current domain, the name of domain of the thread/post will be shown in search results. For such nodes/threads/posts automatic 301 redirect occur and correct site is opened.
  • Administrators and moderators filter.
  • Add-ons filter.
  • Crons filter.
  • Navigation tabs filter.
  • Tags filter.
  • Widgets filter.
  • Resource categories filter.
  • Gallery categories filter.
  • Override Options. A powerful system allowing to customize any XenForo and 3rd party add-ons options for each site. Options are added/removed using AJAX and fully support original option's UI.
  • Content Replacements - Simple Replacements and Regexp Replacements.
  • Domain Members online and Domain Forum statistics widgets.





Beta Notice.

This is a beta release, so the add-on may have bugs, incomplete functionalities. We do not recommend using it on live installations at this stage. If you decide to do so anyway, we recommend doing a fresh install or upgrading your current data on development/test board first and only after successful testing install or upgrade on your live board.

XenForo version requirement. The add-on requires XenForo 2.1.

License Notice. All Multisite System 1.x license holders with active licenses have access to 2.x version.

Download information. To download the add-on visit Client's Area https://customers.dnf.technology/clientarea.php Client's Area > Services > My Licenses > XenCentral Multisite System > Downloads.

Installation Notice.

The add-on is installed as usual XenForo 2 add-on. XenCentral Framework installation is not needed.

Multisite System 1.x to 2.x Upgrade Notice.

If you had Multisite System 1.x installed on your forum, the current beta version of add-on will not upgrade your installation. If you are sure you want to upgrade your 1.x installation, please note that upgrade script will change the tables of 1.x installation and you can not revert the changes back. If you'll uninstall the add-on after upgrade, it will remove all data, including the data migrated from 1.x version.

Upgrading from 1.x installation to 2.x will keep all your sites data. Always test the upgrade on development/test board.

To upgrade 1.x installation to 2.x, before uploading 2.x package, open addon.json file in src/addons/XenCentral/MultiSite and replace the code: "legacy_addon_id": "" to code "legacy_addon_id": "xcmss", save and upload.

Bugs Submission.

The add-on still has some incomplete features. If you find bugs please submit them here https://forum.xencentral.com/forums/bug-reports.34/

If you can not open a thread, please verify your forum account by contacting us https://desk.xencentral.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit

Support Forums - https://forum.xencentral.com/

Support Desk - https://desk.xencentral.com/

For any question, suggestion, feedback submit support ticket.
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