XenCentral Multisite System 2

XenCentral Multisite System 2 2.1.0 Release Candidate 1

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How do I do a clean installation of Multisite System 2?

Upload src and js folders to your XenForo 2 root directory and navigate to Admin Panel > Add-ons. Here you will see XenCentral Multisite System 2.x.x add-on and Install button.

Do I need XenCentral Framework for 2.x installation?

No, you do not.

How do I upgrade my Multisite System 1.x to 2.x?

To upgrade 1.x installation to 2.x, upload 2.x package to forums root directory and visit Admin Panel > Add-ons page to perform the upgrade. Note that the upgrade script will change the tables of 1.x installation and you can not revert the changes back. If you'll uninstall the add-on after the upgrade, it will remove all data, including the data migrated from 1.x version. Always test the upgrade on development/test board.

I have Multisite System 1.x license. Do I need to purchase 2.x license separately?

No. If you have Multisite System 1.x license, you can download and use 2.x license free of charge. If your yearly support/updates subscription is expired, just renew it and you'll get access to 2.x version.

I want to extend my license yearly support/updates. Where do I do it?

To extend your license support/update, navigate to Client Area https://shop.xencentral.com/clientarea.php and then navigate to addons page https://shop.xencentral.com/cart.php?gid=addons Here you'll see XC Multisite System Support/Updates addon that you need to order.

I purchased Branding Removal license, but the branding information is shown in my forum, what to do?

If you have Branding Removal license, in Admin Panel navigate to Multisite System > General Options > Remove visible branding.

How to setup domains on server side for this product?

Before installing the product you should have all your domains/sub-domains pointing to the same directory, and as a result you should be able to access your site under different URLs, e.g. http://my-site-domain.org, http://subdomain.my-site-domain.org and http://my-second-site-domain.org should all open the same site, without redirects or frames. This is done by setting up Apache Virual Hosts to use the same physical location as their root (or equivalent setup if you are not using Apache web server). For CPanel subdomains follow the instructions in the documentation and have the same Document Root for all your domains and sub-domains.

Do I need multiple XenForo licenses for this setup?

Yes, you need one XenForo license per domain you are using. Consult XenForo licensing terms for the details. You don't need multiple licenses of XenCentral Multisite System.

Can I have different Admin Panels for each domain?

No, the main idea of this addon is to have one central Admin Panel with one database and manage multiple sites that look different, but they are actually the same, they use the same user base, addons, etc.