User Mentions Improvements by Xon

Unmaintained User Mentions Improvements by Xon 1.7.0

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  • Improve support for @NixFifty's Ticket add-on
    • Include group name when mentioned in a Ticket
    • Enable being emailed when mentioned in a Ticket.
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  • Fix user group not showing in an overlay if "Username styling for a mentioned group" is disabled
  • Prefix all permissions with '[UMI]'
  • Nail down a few more "tag group" to "mention group" references
  • Add '[UMI] View mentionable user group members' permission
    • By default granted to registered and unregistered usergroups.
    • Controls if a user group member can see the member list for public user groups
    • Global option for how completely this is hidden, by default it returns no permission. But can completely hide the user group id (returning a 404), and not render the user group mention bbcode.
  • Fix sending mentions emails from Report Comments.
  • Support email notification for profile post comment mentions
  • Support sending quoted text when mentioned (or quoted)
    • Can be up to X characters, all characters or no characters.
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  • Reduce duplicate email alerts when quoted/tagged.
  • Support email notification when quoted in a thread
    • Option to only alert users who have not posted in the thread who are quoted (enabled by default)
    • Option to enable/disable quoting alert emails (disabled by default)
    • Per-user option to receive emails when quoted
  • Prevent multiple email notifications when tagged and a thread reply happens.
  • Consistently expose configurable registration default for per-user enabling persistent alerts and allow admins to edit a user's configuration
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  • Compatibility improvement against a private add-on
    • Update how the user group is injected into the alert
  • Do not append cache buster strings to non-existant group images on the front-end user group page.
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Note; the version has not changed just the redistributable which only impacts users who haven't used any of my other add-ons
  • Include installer in redistributable
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  • Fix issue where usergroup and user name mentions would be unexpectedly confused , normally triggered on editing.
    • Triggered when mixing @ and [usergroup] syntax
    • If this was triggered on posting; the alerts where still correctly sent out even if the text contents would be incorrect.
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