User Mentions Improvements by Xon

Unmaintained User Mentions Improvements by Xon 1.7.0

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Q. Can users be bulk opt-ed in for email on mentions/quote?
A. You must run the following SQL to enable features for everyone;
update xf_user_option set sv_email_on_tag = 1;
update xf_user_option set sv_email_on_quote = 1;
Q. Why does this only support a limited number of content types?
A. A separate template modification per type needs to be used to extend the front-end UI. The backend support will automatically work with most cases of XenForo's user group tagging.

Q. Doesn't a group tagging addon already exist?
A. This addon was designed as a replacement for [bd] Tag Me for XenForo 1.3, with tighter integration with the standard XenForo Tagging system and avoids storing large sets of data in the Simple Data Cache.

Q. What is the recommended process for removing [bd] Tag Me.
A. Please disable each group with user tagging enabled before uninstalling [bd] Tag Me addon. As the uninstall process does not cleanup the group membership it stores in the Simple Cache which is loaded on every page load.

Q. Why make this addon?
A. [db] Tag Me has a number of deficiencies:
  • Saves all taggable group membership into a cache which is loaded on every page load.
    • As such, editing group membership in multipule tabs at once is risky.
  • Fails to handle the case where a username is "Super" and a group "Super Moderator" and will fail to match the text "Super Moderator" it just matches "Super".
  • Forces user tagging alerts to occur after reply alerts.
  • Does not implement event hints, and makes use of template hooks which can be replaced with template modifications.

Q. Is there an migration process.
A. No, not at this time.

Please contact me if you would like to fund development of this feature.