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User Banners on Member Cards 1.0.0

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Bit of a story on this one:

I love the new user banners, so I decided to replace the user group title for licensed customers at my site with one.

I often load member cards as a quick way to get to people's profiles, see their license status etc. so I was surprised to see that their banners weren't there and I could no longer verify them as a customer until I viewed their full profile.

So here it is. This very simple template modification lists the user banners below their user title.

Needless to say, this add-on requires XenForo 1.2.X to function.
Chris D
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It's almost as if Chris just knows what makes sense and then makes the world make sense. For the same reason he wanted this feature, we wanted it. Its a nice touch to see usergroup markup on the member card.
Looks great! Thanks :)
Does what it says with no problems.
Very nice Mr D :)
Very Simple but great! Nice!
Its a simple add on which adds a nice touch to the member card. I love it.
Flawless, thanks!
It works nice, thank you!