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Unmaintained Stats & Charts Bb Codes 1.0.2

Some Bbm Bb Codes for your stats and charts

  1. cclaerhout
    Compatible XF Versions:
    • 1.2
    • 1.3
    • 1.4
    • 1.5
    Additional Requirements:
    BBM addon
    Creative Commons BY 3.0 license (only my personal Framework, for other integrated scripts, please refer to their own license)
    Visible Branding:
    Stats & Charts Bb Codes

    • You need at least PHP 5.3.x to install this addon. It is not compatible with PHP 5.2.x
    • These Bb Codes are made for Editors, not for all members. They require to know some commands
    • I don't plan to make some TinyMCE User Interfaces, that would be really complex to do (I will explain why in the presentation)
    • To learn how to use them, please read the FAQ

    All these Bb Codes are using the jQuery plugin named "jqPlot". This JavaScript library is simply amazing. Its author, Chris Leonello, has succeeded to make a very, very, very complete script with an impressive number of renderers and options.

    A "renderer" is simply an engine used for all the different parts of the chart: you want to draw a curve, it will use the curve renderer, you want to make a bar chart, it will use the bar renderer, you want to add some axis/legends/ticks, it will also use their own renderers, etc. jQplot has lots of "renderers" and each renderer has a lot of a crazy amount of options (see the API documentation).

    All the available options have not been implemented in these Bb Codes, but they still have a substantial number of them. You will see by yourself when you will read the Faq. That specificity makes really hard to make some User Interfaces for the TinyMCE Quattro addon.

    If you want to support jqPlot directly, here is the page to donate. If you still have money to support me, here's the link to donate. Thank you.

    • Do like always, just be sure to have the below addons installed first
    • Import the Bbm Bb Codes (available in the extra directory of the archive) using the Bbm Bb Codes Manager
    Needed addons
    1. BBM addon (version 2.7.x minimum)
    None, if you still want to submit bugs, just do it on github, but before be sure to have read the Faq.



    1. pie_01.png
    2. pie_02.png
    3. pie_03.png
    4. pie_04.png
    5. pie_05.png
    6. pie_06.png
    7. pie_07.png
    8. pie_08.png
    9. pie_09.png
    10. settings_01.png
    11. settings_02.png
    12. settings_03.png
    13. bar_01.png
    14. bar_02.png
    15. bar_03.png
    16. bar_04.png
    17. bar_05.png
    18. bar_06.png
    19. bar_07.png
    20. bar_08.png
    21. bar_09.png
    22. bar_10.png
    23. bar_11.png
    24. bar_12.png
    25. bar_13.png
    26. bar_14.png
    27. bar_15.png
    28. bar_16.png
    29. bar_17.png
    30. bar_18.png
    31. bar_19.png
    32. bar_20.png
    33. bar_21.png
    34. bar_22.png
    35. bar_23.png
    36. bar_24.png
    37. bar_25.png
    38. bar_26.png
    39. bar_27.png
    40. bar_28.png
    41. bar_29.png
    42. bar_30.png
    43. bar_31.png
    44. bar_32.png
    45. bar_33.png
    46. bar_34.png
    47. bar_35.png
    48. bar_36.png
    49. bar_37.png
    50. bar_38.png
    51. bar_39.png
    52. bar_40.png
    53. bar_41.png
    54. bar_42.png
    55. bar_43.png
    56. bar_44.png
    57. bar_45.png
    58. bar_46.png
    59. bar_47.png
    60. bar_48.png
    61. bar_49.png
    62. bar_50.png
    63. bar_51.png
    64. bar_52.png
    65. bar_53.png
    66. bar_54.png
    67. bar_55.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.0.2 released
  2. Version 1.0.1 released

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  1. Dinosaur
    Version: 1.0.1
    Very useful add-on. :)
  2. Thieuhc
    Version: 1.0.1
    excellent :)
  3. HenrikHansen
    Version: 1.0
    Fantastic work, I am very impressed. The charts indeed look very professionel. Worked with no problems right after install.