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You might have profanity contents on your site but not all the users want to see them. This addon let your users specific wherever they want to see profanity contents.

Once enabled profanity contents, they might be:
- See uncensored words (configured via Censoring ACP Options)
- See profanity threads with specified prefixes (configured via addon Options).
- Ignore filter on specified users or groups (Via User Permission).

More Information:
The main features were requested by: 8thos, finefine and MOZ
Thanks to 8thos for supporting development fee.

Donation and Support:

If you are seeing this addon useful, please consider to donate:

ACP Options:
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Profanity setting:

With Profanity enabled:

With Profanity disabled:

Censoring Options:

With Profanity enabled:

With Profanity disable:
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Latest updates

  1. Just a little change to handle blank post issue

    Just a little change to handle blank post issue
  2. Fix issue with smiles and line breaks if profanity is enabled.

    Fix issue with smiles and line breaks if profanity is enabled.
  3. Minor changes

    Minor changes

Latest reviews

Just demoed it on my dev board, works fantastically. It does a great job, I love how you can toggle the filter off from the settings, as well as have words replace to other words instead of just being ****.

Not to mention, the prefix option seems pretty nifty, not that I've tried it out myself (yet).

For these features, it does a pretty excellent job.
Just what I wanted.
I like this, but my problem is what if you have other things in the censorship. Things that you want censored without the user's choice. If I use this addon, users would have the choice to uncensor those as well. Would it not be better to create a separate censorship for this add-on ? Just so it's easy for admins to let users control the censor ship of profanity only.
Thanks for your review. I have thought that we should use different setting for this but I made this as a start. Some need it and do not want to fill over again, but I would add an option for this in the next version. You are able to choose: XF's censoring or Add-on's settings.
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