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This is my old addon was made about 1 month ago but I decide to post here as ChillaxOwner requested.

Limit user's permission to view post's links based on:
  • User's post count.
  • Require user likes the post.
  • Allow to set for first posts or all posts and also exclusion groups.

Donation and Support:
If you are seeing this addon useful, please consider to donate:
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Latest updates

  1. Compatible with XF 1.4 quote feature + refactor code

    - Compatible with XF 1.4 quote feature. - Refactor code.
  2. Fix default phrase for guest was not parsed correctly

    Change Logs: - Fix default phrase for guest was not parsed correctly
  3. Ability to reload page if user like/unlike on filtered post

    Change Logs: - Ability to reload page if user like/unlike on filtered post Upgrade: - It is...

Latest reviews

This doesn't work with version 1.4.7 I don't think. At least not with my theme "Executive", it broke my pretty URLs to display just white pages. I do not recommend this to anyone, it could break your forum.
I think rather just write a review, you should post into the discussion thread to find the reason why because it is working for others. It is a chance to get supports as well.
I think this add on is a good idea and useful for forum that have the "secret".
Excellent and Keep update!
Thank you very much for the update and this mod
Sonnb is a very talented coders! Thanks for the Update!
nice :D
good..thx man !!
Thanks for the update
Useful mod
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