sonnb - See post's links permission

Unmaintained sonnb - See post's links permission 1.1.4

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- Compatible with XF 1.4 quote feature.
- Refactor code.
Change Logs:
- Fix default phrase for guest was not parsed correctly
Change Logs:
- Ability to reload page if user like/unlike on filtered post

- It is required you to have Template Modification System (TMS) installed for new function works.
- If you do not want to install TMS.
  • Open template: post
  • Search for:
    class="LikeLink item control
  • Replace with:
    class="LikeLinkHide item control
  • Open template: thread_view
  • Search for: <xen:require css="thread_view.css" />
  • Append after it: <xen:require js="js/sonnb/SeePostLinksPermission/LinkLikeHide.js" />
Change Logs:
- Coding improvement for better and faster processing.
- Fix several bugs: Links show on reply, quote, preview, load ajax...
- Moved return message from Options to phrases
- Moved exclude groups from Options to Usergroup Permission
- Options page changes.

Since a lot of code changes and folder restructure, you should uninstall old version and clean install this version.
- Uninstall old version (if any order than 1.1.0)
- Remove old Add-On's folder (optional)
- Upload new files
- Import XML
- Configure your own Options, Permissions and Phrases.


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Change Logs:
- Added "Applicable Nodes" options that you would used to enable/disable the check on specified nodes.
- Minor code changes.