Embeds from Amazon.in got updated to match the other subdomains.
Gamespot, Kickstarter and MSNBC have been updated and normalized to match other video players' dimensions.
Defunct site Viagame has been removed.
Updating all of the Amazon embeds is a time-consuming, manual process. If this add-on is useful to you, please consider making a donation using either link or button on the add-on's page, thanks
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More of the PHP code has been replaced with XenForo's templating language.
This version contains a couple of big internal changes. A lot of the PHP code used to render media sites has been replaced with XenForo's templating engine. From the user's point of view there should be no visible change. From an admin's point of view, it is now possible to modify most media sites using XenForo's template modification system.
Added support for iframe delegation in Chrome and browsers that enforce autoplay restrictions.
Media embeds contained in a spoiler block now wait for the spoiler to be revealed to load.
Replaced GoFundMe's Flash widget with their new and slightly awkward HTML embed.
Imgur embeds now rely on Imgur's oEmbed endpoint.

The add-on will now reinstall the media sites that are bundled with XenForo 2.0 if it is uninstalled.
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