Updated lazy loader. The new version should be slightly more efficient on pages that contain many embeds.
Added support for GiPHY.
Added an add-on option to use a native player for the following embeds: Gfycat, GiPHY, Gifs.com.
Added an option to disable auto-embedding links on a per-site basis. If "Do not auto-embed links from this site" is checked when editing a media site, URLs from this site will remain as text links. Users can still embed third-party content by using the "Insert media" tool in the editor. This option is currently only available for media sites that belong to this add-on but may be extended to other media sites in a future version.

Thanks to @Xon from Sufficient Velocity for sponsoring this update.

This is the same workaround as this previous update.

If Vimeo videos don't load on Safari because of Domain Level Privacy, check the "Use the default Vimeo embed" option. Otherwise, don't.
This revision fixes a CSS injection issue in some of the templates.

The CSS issue was reported by ThemeHouse's Jake B.
Marketplace URLs are now ignored.
Some YouTube videos impose restrictions on which websites are allowed to embed them. This appears to be done by checking the content of the Referer header and/or accessing the iframe's parent. Because this add-on loads videos dynamically, some browsers such as Safari anonymize the origin of the request. In response, YouTube may refuse to serve the video and display a "Video unavailable" error instead. As a workaround, an option to use YouTube's default embed as been added. It will disable the lazy-loader and the miniplayer and it will allow YouTube to gather info about the parent webpage.

TL;DR: if YouTube videos don't load on Safari, check the "Use the default YouTube embed" option. Otherwise, don't.
This is a minor cosmetic update.
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Also, embeds displayed in XFMG are kept to their original dimensions unless they're exactly 640 ✕ 360.
Added support for its new name GameClips.io
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