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s9e Media Sites 2.16.0

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Reddit and Twitter should now respect the "System" selector for light/dark mode. That's only applicable at the time the page is loaded.
This update adds the missing phrases that describe the third party cookies that may be set by the 120+ media sites included in this add-on.
Dark theme should be functional again on XF 2.3 with embeds that support it.
Added On3 DB Industry Comparison widgets.

Updated 247Sports player stats embed. Their video player cannot be embedded anymore and has been disabled.
This update fixes an issue with XenForo 2.3 that causes embeds to be loaded eagerly (rather than lazily) if the user is an administrator and template names debugging is enabled.

Also, somehow Palpatine returned Bleacher Report was still present in last update. It's now been properly removed.
BleacherReport's embedded player has apparently disappeared and currently returns a 404 error. To my knowledge, there is no workaround. If you use a custom [URL] BBCode to display media content, the broken videos will revert to a link. Otherwise, they will simply disappear.

Imgur has been updated to avoid incorrectly converting https://imgur.com/upload to a non-functional embed.
XenForo 2.3 adds a new feature allowing public content to be embedded in any page. This update adds support for your forum to embed the publicly accessible content of any XenForo 2.3+ forum that has enabled this feature.

How to configure: go to your admin panel, go either to this add-on's options or to the XenForo entry in the BB code media sites menu, then add the hostname of the XenForo 2.3+ forum you want to embed from. Make sure that the target website runs XenForo 2.3, which at this time is a very short list.

Added support for more URLs, updated the player's dimension.
Mastodon now supports more types of URLs. Also, the list of allowed hosts can now be edited on the Mastodon media site page directly rather than in the add-on's options.

Other miscellaneous changes include:
  • Bits and options related to the now-defunct Amazon embeds have been removed. The temporary Amazon media site is still present and associate tags are still handled. There should be no functional change compared to previous version.
  • The requirements have been officially bumped to XenForo 2.2, as I don't think anybody is running XenForo 2.1 on PHP 8.0.
  • The Find in page feature now works with unquoted attributes.
  • Some unused code has been removed, some PHP declarations added. No functional change intended.
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