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s9e Media Sites 2.14.1

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Added support for more URLs, updated the player's dimension.
Mastodon now supports more types of URLs. Also, the list of allowed hosts can now be edited on the Mastodon media site page directly rather than in the add-on's options.

Other miscellaneous changes include:
  • Bits and options related to the now-defunct Amazon embeds have been removed. The temporary Amazon media site is still present and associate tags are still handled. There should be no functional change compared to previous version.
  • The requirements have been officially bumped to XenForo 2.2, as I don't think anybody is running XenForo 2.1 on PHP 8.0.
  • The Find in page feature now works with unquoted attributes.
  • Some unused code has been removed, some PHP declarations added. No functional change intended.
URLs on the captivate.fm domain(s) are directly supported. Players embedded on custom domain/websites can be found through the "Find in page" option in the "Insert media" dialog of the post editor.
As of January 1st, 2024, Amazon has discontinued their Product Link widget. That's the little snippet that shows the product with its name and its current price, which this add-on used. There is no replacement planned and therefore Amazon will be removed from this add-on at some point in the future. I will publish the cutoff date beforehand, with more time to react than Amazon gave their own associates.

For now, I have replaced all Amazon embeds with a text link so that you don't end up with a blank space where the Amazon product widget was. If you have configured an associate ID, it will be added to the link as well. Consider this a temporary fix. New Amazon links will not be converted so you should start considering an alternative if affiliate links are an important feature to you. I have tried Amazon/eBay Parser 2.1.2 Patch Level 1 locally and it worked as expected, but I strongly recommend properly testing any add-on yourself.
Also, the 𝕏's and TikTok's oEmbed endpoints have been updated.
  • Facebook: minor style change. A white background has been added to fix the issue with Facebook's transparent/unreadable posts on dark styles.
  • IMDb: it looks like they might be phasing out their embedded player. It's still working for now.
  • Podbean: misc updated to keep up with their markup.
  • Misc coding changes in the lazy loader. No functional change intended nor expected.

  • NBC Sports: their video section is dead.
  • Stitcher: they were acquired by Pandora in 2020, which shut down the Stitcher app and website a couple of months ago.
Fixed a bug introduced in 2.12.6 that prevents embeds from loading if the theme does not have a sticky header. If you have installed 2.12.6 and one of your theme does not have a sticky header, you'll want to upgrade to this version.
This release features a number of performance and quality of life improvements for the lazy loader. Keep reading if you're interested in the technical details. Also, Facebook, Twitter (now X), and YouTube have been updated with minor changes.

Perf: when browsing to a specific post (e.g. last post of a thread, or first unread post), browsers generally display the top of the page while it's loading, then once it has loaded enough assets (after a second or so), it scrolls down to the target. Recent versions of the lazy loader would ignore embeds at the top of the page until the browser scrolled to the target post, then it would load embeds normally. Starting with this version, the lazy loader will proactively look up what embeds are expected to appear after the browser scrolls to the correct post to load them up as soon as possible. This is expected to slightly shorten the time it takes to display the target post fully if that post contains an embed. If that embed is of dynamically-sized (e.g. a tweet or Facebook post) it may decrease the Content Layout Shift score as well.

Perf/QoL: when clicking on the attribution link of a quote, XenForo scrolls to that post. The lazy loader now proactively loads embeds in that post instead of waiting for the the scrolling to complete. In addition, even if the browser is scrolling up to that post, dynamically-sized embeds such as tweets will expand towards the bottom. Previously, they would expand towards the top, which is the desired behaviour when manually scrolling up but is an annoyance when automatically scrolling to a target.

QoL: after clicking the "back to top" icon, dynamically-sized embeds expand towards the bottom as in the aforementioned situation.
This update contains small modifications to the lazy loader that shouldn't have any noticeable effect. You can keep reading if you're interested in the details.

This update makes use of contemporary JavaScript features to replace boilerplate code with native JavaScript features such as destructuring assignment and the spread syntax. It also adds some small efficiency improvements related to dynamically-sized embeds such as tweets. I do not expect those changes to be noticeable or produce undesirable side effects.

An upcoming update will feature some more fundamental changes intended to improve the experience of the most observant users as well as users with slow connections (e.g. mobile.) That upcoming update will have a greater potential to introduce unintended side-effects, and if that's the case it will be easier to diagnose them separately.

Facebook is being wishy-washy about reels so it's possible they won't work at times. Probably growing pains that'll disappear once the product matures.
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