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Unmaintained Po Manager 1.0.2

Exports phrases to a Po file - Converts Po file to XenForo Xml - Tool for translators

  1. cclaerhout
    Po Manager for XenForo
    By C├ędric CLAERHOUT

    This addon allows translators to export language to a Po file and also has a Po=>XenForo Xml converter.

    License: Creative Commons BY 3.0

    No support: if it doesn't work for you, you fix it
    Test done: export language to xml file & po file, save po file with Virtuaal, convert po file to xml, , compare both xml files => same code
    Online tool to localize (example): www.poeditor.com (free)
    Local tool to localize (example): Virtaal (free)

    • To avoid redundancy problems, the PO source phrase must include the phrase title (phrase id). It also includes the version id for faster updates.
    • The online PoEditor doesn't keep extra meta information for XenForo language. So once the po file is converted into xml, its second line will need to be edited to match the previous language information ; ie:
      <language title="undefined" date_format="undefined" time_format="undefined" decimal_point="undefined" thousands_separator="undefined" language_code="undefined" text_direction="undefined"/>


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Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.0.2 released
  2. Version 1.01 released