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cclaerhout submitted a new resource:

Po Manager (version 1.0) - Exports phrases to a Po file - Converts Po file to XenForo Xml - Tool for translators

Po Manager for XenForo

This addon allows translators to export language to a Po file and also has a Po=>XenForo Xml converter.

License: Creative Commons BY 3.0

No support: if it doesn't work for you, you fix it
Test done: export language to xml file & po file,...

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Thanx, Cedric, cool idea!

Extracted .po file, using POEDIT to edit it, it gives 6 fatal errors in this (standard) phrase:
You may select this option and enter one or more full regular expressions instead of match URLs. The media ID must be identified using a named sub-pattern called 'id'.<br />\n
<br />\n
Example regular expression with 'id' named sub-pattern:<br />\n
<code>#http://www\.example\.com/video/(?P&lt;id&gt;\d+/[a-z0-9_]+)/#siU</code> [match_urls_are_regex_explain][1010010]

after trying to import it, I get:
This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
<error>Undefined offset: 4</error>
<entry function="XenForo_Application::handlePhpError" file="/opt/web/" line="106"/>
<entry function="Sedo_PoManager_Model_Language->convertPoToXml" file="/opt/web/" line="33"/>
<entry function="Sedo_PoManager_ControllerAdmin_Language->actionPoToXml" file="/opt/web/" line="310"/>
<entry function="XenForo_FrontController->dispatch" file="/opt/web/" line="132"/>
<entry function="XenForo_FrontController->run" file="/opt/web/" line="13"/>
cclaerhout updated Po Manager with a new update entry:

Version 1.01 released

Version 1.01 released
  • PO->XML Converter modified to be compatible with the online PoEditor
    P.S: the online PoEditor doesn't keep extra meta information for XenForo language. So once the po file is converted into xml, its second line will need to be edited to match the previous language information ; ie:
    <language title="undefined" date_format="undefined" time_format="undefined" decimal_point="undefined" thousands_separator="undefined" language_code="undefined"...

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@For editing: I've just tried with the software and I've also have this error that prompts up when saving file. But I've checked and the file is still correctly saved. It seems poedit detects a regex in the phrase "match_urls_are_regex_explain" and wants to do something with it. I've no idea why. It's working fine with Virtaal or the online PoEditor.
@For converting: I've modified the converter, try with the new version.
Just tried it with Poedit again (Virtaal doesn't seem to work properly on Mac), resaved with those 6 errors, transfered back to XML just fine and imported ontop of language file (Russian) without any problems!
Thank you, Cédric, this is going to make translation of several addons a walk in the park!
It appears the online version of PO Editor will not be free anymore

Dear POEditor user,
We come with big news!
As POEditor has become more and more popular and used by people all over the world, it has reached a new and evolved stage of its life. This stage is meant to support this continuously growing number of users by bringing an upgrade to our software which includes payment plans for the high-usage accounts, because you all know that wheels can’t spin without money.
But you needn’t worry, our rates are thought to be among the smallest on the market and all new accounts will still have 1000 free strings which can be enough for small to medium or mobile projects.
Moreover, POEditor likes to take special care of its childhood friends, so there are plenty of benefits for them:
- The existing users will have a 20% discount on our packages;
- Everybody can now purchase characters for automatic translation also;
- The following 30 days all existing accounts will remain unlimited until choosing an appropriate plan;
- You can create open projects for non-commercial purposes which will be completely free if approved by administrators.
That’s about it, we hope that you will welcome this new stage of POEditor and stay faithful to its benefits!
Our team is at your service for any possible questions you would have, so don’t hesitate to write to us!
Best wishes,
The POEditor team

works for me on xenforo 1.4.6 - thanks a lot that lets make me translate even faster as bevore, but I have a question. When I export (.po) and edit (Win7, Virtaal) a language file and then reimport this after converting to xml ... it marks all phrases as translatet in xenforo, but I havnt all translatet.

What can I do to solve this problem? Have I in Virtaal to mark all realy untranslatet phrases as "untranslatet" to work proper with xenforo?
I don't understand and I can't provide any support at the moment. But please note that when you export the phrases of an addon (even the one that are not translated yet), then you import these phrases into a language (whether they have been translated or not), XenForo will consider these phrases as translated.

The most important file of this addon is this one. If you find any problem with it, feel free to push a commit and I will look at it.
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