[n] Best Answer / Q&A System

[n] Best Answer / Q&A System 1.1.2

No permission to buy (£25.00)
Callbacks removed.

It is important all customers upgrade to this version. If you need assistance, please email support@apantic.com as soon as possible.
Branding changes:
Branding callbacks will now be made every 24 hours. If you have branding removal once, no more callbacks will be made.

Other updates:
  • Misc. changes and bug fixes
Bug fix:
  • Fixed clash with other add-ons that also utilise queries in post, as well as potential (but not reported) conflict with moving posts. Update recommended.
Also other bug fixes from 1.1.0.x versions.
Multiple 1.1.0.x version releases have been released. Full details here: https://www.apantic.com/community/products/best-answer-q-a-system.6/changelog specifically fixes a bug with add-on conflicts:

Bug fix:
  • Fixed clash with other add-ons that also utilise queries in post, as well as potential (but not reported) conflict with moving posts. Update recommended.
Best Answer v1.1.0 is the next major release in the product.

HYS Thread: https://www.apantic.com/community/threads/best-answer-v1-1-0.22/

New Features:
Other Changes and Bug Fixes:
  • Changes to Best Answer by Lior importer
  • Fixed selecting the prefixes in ACP options
  • Support for hard deleting posts
  • Support for moving posts through different thread IDs
  • Removed some redundant code
  • Code cleanups
  • File health check added
Database Changes:
  • Table ba_alternativeanswers added to xf_thread
  • Table ba_votes added to xf_post
Upgrade Instructions:
  • Upgrade as you normally would
  • After upgrade, you must run the vote rebuilder (ACP -> Tools -> Rebuild Caches -> Rebuild Votes). I apologise for this, but (luckily) it will only rebuild the votes, and should be relatively fast! This was necessary to implement the new database structures.
As always, with any update, please be sure to make a full backup of your forum before upgrading.

Welcome to Best Answer v1.1.0!
  • Fix for multi paged best answers
If you already have 1.0.5 installed, you only need to upload the files. You do NOT need to upgrade using XML. There has not been any change to the XML file. Your version number will be 1.0.5 and not 1.0.5a (as this is a hotfix).

If you have any older version installed, install this as normal and treat it as the 1.0.5 update.

In addition, Apantic's online services were updated to have branding removal support out of the box.
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  • The mini display is now fully responsive
Upgrade Notes
  • If upgrading from 1.0.4 only update the .xml file. There is no need to update the files
This update features new features and bug fixes.

New Features:
  • Show best answer count on user profiles (configurable)
  • Show best answer count on messages (configurable)
  • Add delay time for best answers, so you can use this to have the community judge a best screenshot/file/thing. People can vote for it and a winner is chosen after the duration specified passes
  • One other but I really don't remember
Bug Fixes:
  • There were a few bug fixes in this update, but honestly I don't remember those either. It would help if I wasn't releasing this at 12 AM ;)
Sorry this update isn't completely specific, I'm really trying to remember something that was a pretty good addition. Anyway, hope you like the update.
This update features new features and bug fixes.
  • Importer from Mark Posts as Best Answer declared fully functional. As with any version, please make backups of your database before importing your data over.
  • Vote weighting feature added. This allows different usergroups to have a different voting power, so their votes can have more or less points added on. The permission for this is under Usergroup Permissions. In the box put the number of votes it is worth (an integer/whole number)
  • Added the ability to rebuild best answers for threads and user best answer count (feature currently disabled, will be enabled in version 1.0.4 after further testing)
  • The copyright notice's formatting has been changed
  • The add-on has been made much more efficient, dropping multiple queries when doing actions and making everything more compact
  • It now uses a left join in another situation to substitute an individual query
  • Added a check so the add-on will not install below XF version 1.2.0 Beta 1
Bug fixes:
  • Users cannot see the vote button if it's their post
  • Users cannot see the vote button on the first post in a thread
  • Users cannot see the vote button in forums that do not have voting enabled
There was another feature added, but I seem to forget what it was. This version is advised for production, compared to the other two which have front-end bugs.

The upgrade process for this upgrade is normal, as described in README.txt after downloading.
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This update features multiple feature additions and bug fixes.
  • Support to import from Mark Posts as Best Answer. IMPORTANT: Please read the main description for information on importing from this add-on. This is not a traditional update process, but it is not hard either. As always, please create backups before importing. The importer is in beta, but by creating a backup no harm will be created.
  • User criteria added to award trophies to users for gaining X number of best answers (suggested by DaniD)
  • Bug fix: Stop showing the vote/unvote button if there the forum isn't enabled in the settings for Best Answer
  • Bug fix: Callback to apantic.com wasn't working (see main product page for information on the callback)
IMPORTANT: The upgrade process is different. There are two methods to upgrade. Please read this carefully. Sadly, since Mark Posts as Best Answer used the same add-on ID (which I did not know prior to making the importer) I had to change the add-on ID. It's the best way of going about it, and honestly I should have added an Apantic prefix to the add-on in the beginning.

There are two things you can do to upgrade to this version. Any future versions will not have this problem.

If you do not have any best answer data yet (no votes, etc.) simply uninstall the add-on currently and install the add-on again.
If you do have best answer data, then enable debug mode by adding the following line to config.php:
$config['debug'] = 1;
Now go to Admin CP -> Add-ons -> List Add-ons
Hover over Controls on Best Answer and select Edit. Change the add-on ID from BestAnswer to ApanticBestAnswer
Save and go to config.php again and remove the debug line you just added.

Now do the upgrade process as normal (disable the add-on, upload new files, upgrade using the .xml and enable the add-on)