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  1. Ozzy47

    [OzzModz] Solved Question Prefix 2.0.0

    Adding prefix to thread on marking post as solution (or removing on unmark) Supports Xon's Multi Prefix and with it also allows to remove certain thread prefixes after marking post as solution
  2. karll

    Duplicate Question Threads: Ability to comment on question and answers

    I think Question Threads will work a lot better if it's possible to comment on the questions and on the answers. Typically, a comment will be a request to clarify some certain aspect of the question or the answer. This way you can avoid members having to post "answers" which are essentially...
  3. nanocode

    Unmaintained [n] Best Answer / Q&A System 1.1.2

    This add-on adds the functionality to make a Q&A/support/best answer system on your forum. This is best suited for forums that give support or is a question/answer forum. Features: Let the community vote for a post as best answer Display a mini display at the top of a thread with a short...
  4. Iversia

    Unmaintained FAQ Manager by Iversia 3.2.0

    This add-on is free of charge providing that the copyright text remains unchanged at the bottom of all FAQ pages. If you like this add-on, please remember to vote for it and consider supporting my Patreon. Thanks! Features Full FAQ with adding, editing and deleting Question categories 100%...
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