Multi Prefix

Multi Prefix 2.11.2

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This add-on is no longer in beta and can be considered feature complete and stable.

Changes from beta:
  • Fixup single prefix selection to include a 'none' option.
  • Rework detection of prefixes a user is not permitted to remove
  • On quick post thread forum, fix displaying empty prefix input when no prefixes are usable.
  • Add descriptions to template modifications
  • Move multiprefix filter and quick post thread template chunks to their own template
  • Make quick-thread feature only show prefix selection once post-thread form is expanded
  • Ensure prefix order is forced to match prefix display order to prevent unexpected flip-flopping of prefixes changing.
    • The front-end currently submits prefixes in display order, this ensures the backend enforces that.
  • Improve reliability of some template modifications
  • Improve uninstaller not removing all extra columns from some tables.
  • Improve installer upgrade code path to handle pre-1.5.0 versions
  • Fix upgrading from pre-1.6.x
  • Switch to select-toggle mode when only 1 max prefix is permitted
  • When moving a resource/thread to a forum which supports less prefixes than currently selected, trigger the pop-up informing the user that less prefixes are permitted
  • Fix creating threads/resources without a prefix