Multi Prefix

Multi Prefix 2.11.2

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  • Properly extend client-side phrase list, allowing translations to reliably work
  • On editing a thread, do not truncate prefix list if an old XF1 version wasn't cleanly uninstalled or upgraded. Update installer to attempt to migrate this.
    • If this update throws an SQL exception on updating, please contact open a ticket as a manual migration must be done.
  • Support multiple prefixes when using rss feed importer
  • Do not block "Batch update threads" from updating a thread if a prefix can't be used in the destination forum.
  • Allow multiple default prefixes for a forum
  • Add "Prefixes are always clickable" option, forces the prefix in thread list to always be clickable.(default enabled)
  • Add "Sort prefixes on display" option (default disabled)
  • Ensure multiple 'is-prefixXX' classes are applied as expected for threads list items.
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  • Fix incorrect 'too many prefixes' when selecting prefixes with moderator menu
  • Fix prefix drop down list is too long in certain situations
  • Improve XFRM compatibility with 3rd party add-ons
  • Fix not saving the thread prefix id for a resource node
  • Allow multiple prefixes to be set when moving or copying a post
  • Fix Feature's Resources not displaying for XFRM integration.
  • Rewrite prefix filtering in forum to be more efficient
  • Compatibility fix for User Essentials Title Edit time permission