Multi Prefix

Multi Prefix 2.11.2

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  • This add-on appears to have no compatibility issues with XF2.1
  • Tweak prefix filter css to better match other filter items
  • Remove some unused template modifications
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  • Fix compatibility with add-ons using the standard XenForo prefix selector
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  • Improve Prefix Essentials add-on integration, now multiple prefixes are counted properly in forum prefix list
  • Fix compatibility with Tag Essentials v2.0.0
  • Fix case where non-minified select2 is used
  • Fix 404 due to incorrect select2 reference
  • Support Prefix Essentials ignore prefix feature when a thread has multiple prefixes
  • Update single prefix selection to be near identical to multi-prefix selection in behaviour
  • Fix "Indirect modification of overloaded property SV\MultiPrefix\XF\Entity\Forum::$sv_default_prefix_ids has no effect" when editing a forum
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  • Fix error upgrading from pre-v1.6.0 XF versions
  • Update installer to use shared library code
  • Migrate core of multi-prefix filtering code from bespoke to shared library code
  • Rework clickable prefix feature to be opt-in. (new prefix rendering type 'html-clicky')
    • Fixes new posts widget titles not being clickable.
    • Fixes for 3rd party add-ons displaying prefixes
  • Clickable prefixes in thread title when viewing a thread (or resource)