Moderator Essentials

Unmaintained Moderator Essentials 1.14.5

No permission to buy ($45.00)
  • If enabled, enforce minimum age banning when a user's date of birth is changed.
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  • Remove template debugging info
  • Fix that saving preferences from the overlay would wipe any mod log preferences
  • Fix SQL error for "Find Deleted Posts"
  • Move ban & find delete links into member_view_modess template
  • Find Deleted Posts feature.
    • On an AdminCP user profile, add to the "Actions" dropdown a "Find Deleted Posts" option.
    • On front-end member profile, add to the "Moderator Actions" dropdown a "Find Deleted Posts" option.
    • Paginated list, ordered by deleted date (from deleted log)
    • Front-end permission "[ModEss] See all deleted posts by a user" to control if a moderator can see all deleted posts from a user.
Improve compatibility with Warning Improvements - v1.4.x
  • Warning Start Conversation Default
  • Limit Custom Warnings to Admins

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  • Apply consistent prefixes to permissions
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  • Correctly extend Thread DataWriter (fixes compatibility issues with add-ons)
Migration process for 1.11.x (or older).

Install 1.12.x (or newer), then install Sticky Thread Ordering or Who Replied as required. Any permissions or data are transferred into the formats these add-ons accept, and Moderator Essentials will no longer remove those permissions or data on uninstall.

  • Use hinted code event listeners
  • Rework Thread Notes UI.
    • Now under the thread tools dropdown menu
    • New tabs to switch between thread and it's discussion thread
      • Very much open to UI feedback
    • Better handles the notes/discussion thread evaporating under it (may not have caught all failure cases)
    • Changing the notes/discussion thread node, and then moving threads into that node fixes links up
    • Add indexes so the lookup are performant
  • Fixes pagnav in Modcp section
  • Fix CSS for Moderator Log with no entries
  • Remove pointless permission check which caused an extra DB query every thread action
  • Remove all permissions on uninstall
  • Remove embedded "Sticky Thread Ordering" - use the standalone version.
    • All existing licence holders have been granted a licence.
  • Remove "Top Contributors" - use Who Replied
  • Fix compatibility with add-ons which extend Account Preferences and Moderator Queue views (Known to affect Vaultwiki).
  • Update installer for more reliable upgrades
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