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Compatible XF 1.x versions
  1. 1.3
  2. 1.4
  3. 1.5
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Moderator Essentials provides your moderators with valuable tools and features that help make their daily tasks much easier.
Main feature is a front end Moderator Log that allows your moderators to see what actions other moderators are taking around the forum as they happen.

Feature List:
  • Moderator Control Panel. Moderator Control Panel that features some tools from the admin panel;
    • Ability to view banned members (requires permission "ModEss - Ban Users")
    • Ability to ban members (requires permission "ModEss - Ban Users")
    • Ability to unban members (requires permission "ModEss - Ban Users")
    • Ability to search users by ip address (just like the admin panel, no additional permission required).
    • Manage Tags functionality from the admin panel (requires permission "ModEss - Manage Tags")
    • View Moderator Logs (same permission that already enabled this feature)
  • Manage Tags via Inline Moderation Tools. You can select multiple threads from the forum list and click to "Add Tags". Requires the permission "ModEss - Manage Tags".
  • Forum Moderator List. Option to display the moderators of each forum via a link at the top of each forum.
  • Moderator Bar Session Mod Log (beside the reported items count) that counts the number of log entries other moderators are creating:
    1. Clicking it loads a page with all logs (types and actions may be selected via user preferences) since the last time you checked. This allows you to keep track of what other moderators are doing around the forum.
    2. This log will only count and display logs from forums in which the moderator has permission to view the above thread log. The reason for this is because each moderator can have different privileges in different forums. But if he can see the thread log then he is entitled to view all logs in that forum regardless of whether he himself is permitted to perform that particular action.
    3. Log is searchable by type, action name, moderator, or number of days (up to 30 days - set via ACP).
    4. Each moderator can select which log actions they would like to be alerted about. This is done via the Account/Preferences page.
  • View deleted posts/threads placeholders. A user group permission that allows your members to view the placeholders of deleted items - just the place holder without the ability to view the deleted item itself. In the ACP options page you can select whether or not to also include the provided reason for the deletion. Please note that this feature does not work with Tapatalk (and perhaps other similar add-ons). When your members use Tapatalk, then deleted placeholders will not show.
  • Moderation queue items now include the forum title as a link. This helps to quickly identify the item's location within your forum. Also, thread titles now have a link back to the thread.
  • Both the Thread Logs and Mod Log display Thread Ban add-on logs (Thread Ban add-on sold separately).
  • Find Deleted Posts feature.
    • On an AdminCP user profile, add to the "Actions" dropdown a "Find Deleted Posts" option.
    • On front-end member profile, add to the "Moderator Actions" dropdown a "Find Deleted Posts" option.
    • Paginated list, ordered by deleted date (from deleted log)
    • Front-end permission "[ModEss] See all deleted posts by a user" to control if a moderator can see all deleted posts from a user.

Important Notes:
  • In order to view Moderator Bar Log entries, the moderator must have permission to view the Thread Moderator Log (ie must have at least one basic forum moderator permission). This log will only count and display logs from forums in which the moderator has permission to view the Thread Moderator Log.
  • This add-on has a slight incompatibility issue with the Tapatalk add-on (and perhaps other similar ones) when it comes to the View deleted posts/threads placeholders feature/permission. When your members use Tapatalk, then deleted placeholders will not show. If you are using other add-ons similar to Tapatalk, then you may want to ensure that the placeholders show up as designed while using a mobile device.
  • Strongly recommend: Thread Title History add-on (free)

I recommend using Add-on install & upgrade to install this addon.
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Latest updates

  1. 1.14.5 - Maintenance update

    Convert unphrased text in ModCP 'ban user' screen to use phrased text
  2. - Bugfix for styling

    Fix styling on for modlog counts on forum-navbar
  3. 1.14.4 - Bugfix update

    Fix bug preventing mod-log counts from showing as expected when non-large value was detected...

Latest reviews

Lots of great improvements as usual! Xon has a knack of knowing what is missing in the core software and providing it.
Essential add-on for our board. Our Moderators can't live without it. Great support since Xon took over its development.
Amazing add-on and amazing developer. Never experienced any major issues with any of Xon's premium resources, in fact when I experienced a slight incompatibility on my end, Xon the developer was kind enough to go out of their way and fix something that was not caused by them what so ever. You cannot go wrong with this purchase! Repeat customer here, year after year!
100% essential for my sites. This addon saves us a ton of work. Especially on my big board. Great addon and fully supported by Xon.
This has proven to be one of the most valuable add-ons for our forum. Before we had issues with moderators accidentally undoing the actions of one another. This add-on made it easy to keep track of what each of us is doing, which has significantly improved the workflow of our site. I highly, highly recommend this add-on, and hope that it finds its way to XenForo 2.
The moderator log and moderator control panel make this add-on worthy on their own. XF out of the box would feel very empty without Moderator Essentials. For any serious forum, highly recommended.
Great add-on and great support! Thank you very much for maintaining these add-ons and fixing any issues that arise! :)
I've been a user of the three "essentials" mods (conversations, mods & users) for a number of years now, a lot of the awesome additional features/function listed in each are a 'must have' for our staff and users. It's great to see Xon take these mods on for 2017 and keep them current. 5 stars on them all, they really are an essential part of our board.
When an add-on is filling the missing elements of the core, it is legitimate to name it "essential". The "Essential" series of add-ons is a must have for everyone using XenForo. ModEss, UserEss, TagEss, ConvEss integrate seamlessly into the core and you will forget they are add-ons soon after install.
Another Addon that has become well....Essential to my site by Daniel Hood, making this one of the most popular addons with my large staff that I've ever installed. Thank you :)!
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