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Litespeed server is incredible. Crazy fast, super efficient, I cannot find enough great words to describe how awesome Litespeed is. So when I saw that a plugin had come out for XF and Litespeed cache I was all over it. The plugin installed smooth and easy. When trying to enable LSCache on the server, I ran into some issues due to my limited technical abilities. I contacted Litespeed and Michael got back to me and helped me get things fixed up. Thank you Litespeed, you have a customer for life!
Works awesome! Litespeed is great to work with itself, so naturally their caching modules for common CMSs are awesome - the WordPress one is exceptional as well!
Bugs bugs bugs...

I thought they would code a better add-on for 2.0 but this one is downgrade! When users edit their post and save it, and then try to edit again, all they see in unedited content.

No control panel also...
I loved LiteSpeed when I was using vbulletin for my big board. Even at $999 per year. And their support is great.

But for XenForo I am not happy with it.
- Upgrading and upgrading addons frequently causes problems with old cached files being used instead of newly uploaded files. This causes all kind of issues that you normally don't understand what is causing it.
- The registration page cache needed to be removed.
- Support for logged in users was promised a long time ago but never arrived.

So I am cancelling my LiteSpeed license.
Excellent addon exploiting this amazing features of LiteSpeed. Making the website for visitors super fast ! Thanks you very much for the share.
I am using Wordpress and XenForo on the same server. With a 2 CPU LSWS license, I have installed both Xenforo and Wordpress Litespeed Cache add-ons and for the first time, server load went down under 1.00. Xenforo was already fast but on the Wordpress part, website went incredibly fast! Great job Litespeed!
I am personally a huge fan of optimizations and page speed when it comes to sites. I have 4 servers, I have NGiNX on two of them and LiteSpeed on the others.

But after years of of testing and more than 300 users/hosting accounts I have to say the best available web server is LiteSpeed.

That is true that it is a paid product but to be honest the time that you should put on NGiNX configurations (or hire someone to take care of that) is away costly than what you are paying for LiteSpeed.

And the support, I have no words for this part. They are doing so much more that what they should ... for example I had a problem OwnCloud ( and they helped me to sort this issue out considering the fact that my issue was not directly related to LiteSpeed.

All in warp, as a person who runs multiple websites and forums I would really recommend using LiteSpeed for having a hustle-free and fast web server.
Have been working with LiteSpeed on this testing and tweaking it, resolving all the previous problems with the old addon. Now works amazingly with just a basic install and few tweaks in the LiteSpeed panel.
So far so good :P I think we may see an improvement, but LSWS is so fast, it will be hard to tell. Very happy thus far.
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