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Is the LiteSpeed Cache - Community add-on for XenForo free?
Yes, the community version will remain free and open source, but only works with LiteSpeed Web Server 5.0.12+. You are required to have a LiteSpeed Web Server license with the LSCache module enabled.

Where are the cached files stored?
This plugin only instructs LiteSpeed Web Server on what pages to cache and when to purge. The actual cached pages are stored and managed by LiteSpeed Web Server. Nothing is stored on the PHP side.

Is the LiteSpeed Cache - Community add-on for XenForo GDPR compliant?
In short, yes.

Our cache plugins potentially store a duplicate copy of every web page on display on your site. The pages are stored locally on the system where LiteSpeed server software is installed and are not transferred to or accessed by LiteSpeed employees in any way, except as necessary in providing routine technical support if you request it. All cache files are temporary, and may easily be purged before their natural expiration, if necessary, via a Purge All command. It is up to individual site administrators to come up with their own cache expiration rules.

More information on LiteSpeed's GDPR compliance be found in the LiteSpeed Privacy Policy.
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