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[KL] Editor Manager

Beta [KL] Editor Manager 1.0.0 Beta 3

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Bugfixes & Changes
  • The installation progress has been refactored, removing an issue that prevented some users from installing the add-on.
  • Fixed a bug that would allow users to save a font without an identifier, resulting in a broken and unremoveable font.
  • Fixed a bug that would break the RSS feed in some occasion.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause an admin panel error to be logged whenever a font was edited or saved.
  • Fixed a bug that would show the content of all hidden BB codes in search results.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent posts with hidden BB codes to be edited.
  • Moved HTML BB code and bypass hide permissions to moderator permission category.
  • Heavily altered the approach with which the add-on hooks into the editor setup, resulting in improved performance and potentially fixing some bugs.
  • Fixed a major incompatibility with certain add-ons that would disable some buttons on the froala editor via XF templates.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the editor to crash upon loading when no list option was available.
Bugfixes & Changes
  • All nodes in the Admin Control Panel are now tied to the 'Manage BB Codes and Smilies' administrator permission.
  • A bug with the editor toolbar not loading on the quick thread option (and any other ajax operation that is performed in an environment where no other editor has been initialized yet) has been taken care of. This should be fixed with XF 2.0 Beta 3 (see here). Thanks @Mike for your awesome work.
New Functionalities
  • Now includes my XF 1.0 Addon Inline Spoilers. You will need to redo your styling, but none of your posts should be broken. Inline Spoilers can be activated under Admin Control Panel -> Content -> Editor & BB Code Options. Styling is available via style properties in the BB Code Elements section. The Inline Spoiler is available via XFs 'Insert'-Dropdown in your Froala Editor, or you can add it separately under Admin Control Panel -> Content -> Editor Toolbar Layout.
  • Now includes my XF 1.0 Addon Editor Post Templates. Several permissions have been added that allow you to control, which functionality each user (group) can use. You may provide templates under Admin Control Panel -> Content -> Public Templates that are available to everyone with the use public templates permission, and/or allow users to create a set number of own templates. All templates can be temporarily deactivated to be hidden from the editor. Users can manage their private templates via their user dropdown / account area. To enable templates, either create some public templates or give your users permission to create their own templates and add the templates button to your toolbar under Admin Control Panel -> Content -> Editor Toolbar Layout.
  • Now includes a Justify BB Code for advanced text block formatting. The Justify BB Code includes an optional parameter that allows to set the width of the justified text block for further customizing. The Justify BB Code is automatically included to your Froala Editor Alignment section.
  • Now includes a new ParseHTML BB Code, along with user permissions. If you activate Parse Html under Admin Control Panel -> Content -> Editor & BB Code Options, users with the necessary permission can use [parsehtml] to let HTML inside their posts render. Please be careful with whom you grant permission to do so, as HTML injections via various tags pose a threat to you and your users. The ParseHTML BB Code should be compatible with various XF 1.0 Addons that provided the same functionality.
  • Now includes a row of Hide BB Codes, namely: Hide, Hide Posts, Hide Thanks, Hide Reply & Hide Reply Thanks, similar to Aayush's Hide Hack for XF 1.0. The necessary permissions are grouped with all other Editor Manager permissions, so they should be easy to find. You can activate the Hide BB Codes under Admin Control Panel -> Content -> Editor & BB Code Options, where you can also set to which code the [HIDE] shall default. If you need instructions or help on how to convert your messages to work with Aayushs old addon, please drop me a message.