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[KL] Editor Manager

Beta [KL] Editor Manager 1.0.0 Beta 6

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Q: The CC license prevents me from using this software. Can I have a custom licensing?
Custom licensing for commercial purpose is available against a small fee. Contact me for more information.

Q: Are there more features planned for the future?
If you feel like the editor manager needs more features, please suggest them in the discussion. Currently planned features are:
  • Custom dropdowns for the Froala Toolbar (Implemented in Beta 4)
  • Extended full-range color picker
  • Inline Spoiler BB code (Implemented in Beta 2)
  • Justify BB code (Implemented in Beta 2)
  • HTML BB Code (Incl. Permissions) (Implemented in Beta 2)
  • Hide BB Codes (Implemented in Beta 2)
  • An updated BB code overview page depending on your settings. (Implemented in Beta 3)
  • Post Templates (Implemented in Beta 2)
  • Dice Roll BB Code
  • Full Screen Button (Implemented in Beta 4)
  • Permission-controlled default text style options for users
  • Ajax-Unhiding for Hide BB Codes
If your suggestions is not being scheduled for implementation, you can request a modified version.

Q: I require a modified version! Do you offer modifications?
Yes I do. Start a conversation with me to describe me your needs. Please note, that these modifications are not free of charge.

Q: Is this addon safe to use despite its beta status?
The addon has been freshly published a while ago. The duration of the beta status depends on your feedback. If there aren't any bug reports for a few weeks, the software is likely to leave beta status more early. Even though the software has been tested, I do not recommend to deploy this addon onto a live site just yet.

Q: Are there any known bugs?
A: See the list below. If you encounter any unlisted bugs, please report them in the discussion.
  • The editor-configuration is not properly initialized on quick threads, resulting in the default editor configuration being loaded. (Fixed in Beta 3)
  • Major incompatibility with various add-ons. (Fixed in Beta 3)
  • The content of the editor will partially overlap with the page content when in fullscreen mode in IE11.